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Internet, singing, music, and lot more
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Singing, Writing, Fashion, Make Up, and Nice People
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Singing, Dancing
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Singing, Classical Music, Opera, Musical Theatre, Movies, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cyberculture, History, Writing, Gadgets, Computer Games
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Singing, Dancing, Swimming, Family & Friends.
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singing, dancing, watching movies and cooking
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Singing, hanging out with friends, listening to music, Mapling, blogging
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singing, drawing, face reading
Kae’s blog! Kae’s profile! Kae’s tfriends! Send Kae's a tmail!
Singing, designing, internet, sleeping, eating, um um umm..Drooling over: HIZUMIIIII, Jin, Saya, Aki, Gackt, Klaha, Kozi, Ruki, Shinji, Mao, and ummm..Yeah, I think I had more people that I admire and think, but I forgot at the moment. Those people are from, D'espairs Ray, eqlipsE, Malice Mizer, SID, and Gazette.
rogue610’s blog! rogue610’s profile! rogue610’s tfriends! Send rogue610's a tmail!
Singing, Writing, Acting, Dancing, Ewan McGregor, movies, books, games, computers, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, RENT, Godspell, West Side Story, Chicago, almost every musical. Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting, Gone With The Wind, Young Frankenstein, History of the World Part I, Blazing Saddles, and many, many, more movies. Grey's Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance?, American Idol, My Wife and Kids, Friends, Ghost Hunters, a few more TV Shows. More things I can't think o
crazybitch’s blog! crazybitch’s profile! crazybitch’s tfriends! Send crazybitch's a tmail!
singing, dancing, painting, partying, and hanging out with my boy
asherbasher’s blog! asherbasher’s profile! asherbasher’s tfriends! Send asherbasher's a tmail!
theatre, singing, dancing, umm everything
KittieBright’s blog! KittieBright’s profile! KittieBright’s tfriends! Send KittieBright's a tmail!
God, youth ministries, animals, nature, singing, music, family, October, November, movies, writing, blogging, autumn
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homeschooling, sahm moms, singing, music
veryrockyroad’s blog! veryrockyroad’s profile! veryrockyroad’s tfriends! Send veryrockyroad's a tmail!
Singing, Acting, Playing Volleyball and badminton, Reading books, Surfing the net
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singing, acting, dancing, guitar
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SinGinG, MusIc, GutArs, PiAnO, TV, InTErNet, GiGs, f00d, ChoColAtes, CanDieS, CaKEs, IcE CreAm, KiKaY aChuChu, SwEeT PeRfUmeS, DaLDaL, ChiTChAt and AdVEnTuRes
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likes listening, drawing, singing, acting, painting
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Horseback Riding, Singing, Tennis, Hanging out with Friends, Going out moviesetc, The Phantom of the Opera p
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surfing net, working, singing, playing badmenton, travelling, stroll, malling, eating, fishing acting, waching movie
Hayden’s blog! Hayden’s profile! Hayden’s tfriends! Send Hayden's a tmail!
Dancing, Singing, Drawing, TALKING, Sports, Listening to Music, spending time with good friends like Zerina, Breonna, Cierra, Maggie, and Chloe
AymiahFayth’s blog! AymiahFayth’s profile! AymiahFayth’s tfriends! Send AymiahFayth's a tmail!
singing, reading, writing, dancing, acting, tennis, manga, piano, music, talking, internet, gilmore girls, friends, gravitation, cardcaptor sakura, roses,
egomaniac’s blog! egomaniac’s profile! egomaniac’s tfriends! Send egomaniac's a tmail!
ging, net surfing, bloghopping, chatting, singing, adventure, hitting the rocks,
qinetique’s blog! qinetique’s profile! qinetique’s tfriends! Send qinetique's a tmail!
singing, dancing, 247 disturbance machine, bellybutton piercing, shopping, wrestling
SAvEd’s blog! SAvEd’s profile! SAvEd’s tfriends! Send SAvEd's a tmail!
singing, reading, writing, long walks, going to Church, praying with my Lord
h4wa’s blog! h4wa’s profile! h4wa’s tfriends! Send h4wa's a tmail!
song, singing, cooking, movie, music, internet
mccartneysgrl17’s blog! mccartneysgrl17’s profile! mccartneysgrl17’s tfriends! Send mccartneysgrl17's a tmail!
music, hot guys, surfing, writing songs, acting, singing, plays, shopping, clothes, and mostly HOT BLONDE SURFER GUYS
DoTheHustle’s blog! DoTheHustle’s profile! DoTheHustle’s tfriends! Send DoTheHustle's a tmail!
music, singing, playing guitar, being on the stage, acting, dancing, blogging, listening to my iPod
woofleplop’s blog! woofleplop’s profile! woofleplop’s tfriends! Send woofleplop's a tmail!
Acting, Horseback riding, Writing, Singing, Playing the violin and viola, Improvising, Listening to music, style, and history
armygurl’s blog! armygurl’s profile! armygurl’s tfriends! Send armygurl's a tmail!
music, militairy, writing, dancing, singing
eldertreemother’s blog! eldertreemother’s profile! eldertreemother’s tfriends! Send eldertreemother's a tmail!
skipping, writing, kissing, freaking out, procrastinating, driving around, bicycles, cheese, chocolate, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, The White Stripes, dogs, pixies, Volkswagens, birds, northwest native plants, sitting around, Nathan, doughnuts, walking around, fetch, singing, praying, screwing, observing, waiting, belly laughs, cartwheels, camping, snowboarding, floating, dreaming, imagining, planning, wishing, did I mention Chocolate, Questioning, Complaining, Honesty, Dirty Looks, True Kindness, Boobies, Toes, Charles Bukowski, Dorothy Parker, Lenny Bruce, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Glasses, glass, travel, Budapest, Prague
Punkluvly’s blog! Punkluvly’s profile! Punkluvly’s tfriends! Send Punkluvly's a tmail!
Drawing, singing, art, photography, modeling
digitalwriter’s blog! digitalwriter’s profile! digitalwriter’s tfriends! Send digitalwriter's a tmail!
Singing, Dancing, watching gud movies, muziq, yoga, basketball, tennis, badminton, football, rugby, drawingsketching, and lots more
Rockinkim’s blog! Rockinkim’s profile! Rockinkim’s tfriends! Send Rockinkim's a tmail!
Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Football, Military, Music Videos, Vidding, Sleeping, Dancing, Singing
brunette’s blog! brunette’s profile! brunette’s tfriends! Send brunette's a tmail!
reading, hanging out with friends, singing, horse back riding, listening to music, swimming, ps the casual date thing online relationship on bl
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Animals, singing, poetry, music, dancing, reading, writing
adlynn’s blog! adlynn’s profile! adlynn’s tfriends! Send adlynn's a tmail!
Ad, family, country music, singing, computers, etc
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translating, teaching, languages, books, music, films, singing, photography, writing, cycling, having fun, laughing, travelling, cooking, etc
Marygirl’s blog! Marygirl’s profile! Marygirl’s tfriends! Send Marygirl's a tmail!
piano, singing, reading, coffee shops, classical music, norah jones, frank sinatra
bellastephy’s blog! bellastephy’s profile! bellastephy’s tfriends! Send bellastephy's a tmail!
clothes, money, my car, shopping, singing, and being my Stephy lil self
dancingdiva001’s blog! dancingdiva001’s profile! dancingdiva001’s tfriends! Send dancingdiva001's a tmail!
dancing, singing, acting, surfing, shopping, boys and ashton kutcher
sblomie’s blog! sblomie’s profile! sblomie’s tfriends! Send sblomie's a tmail!
Writing, acting, drawing, singing, Internet, obsessing over Dominic Monaghan, and being expressive
Heaffer’s blog! Heaffer’s profile! Heaffer’s tfriends! Send Heaffer's a tmail!
dance, singing, people, Murder, Forensic Science, Food, Grape Juiceyeah ok im done
msbap37’s blog! msbap37’s profile! msbap37’s tfriends! Send msbap37's a tmail!
God, singing, stepping, academics
pinalshah’s blog! pinalshah’s profile! pinalshah’s tfriends! Send pinalshah's a tmail!
swimming, skating, singing, etc
mounteajade’s blog! mounteajade’s profile! mounteajade’s tfriends! Send mounteajade's a tmail!
Reading, Singing, Walking, Dancing, Helping others, Exploring, Trying out new things, Becoming independent
wattboy’s blog! wattboy’s profile! wattboy’s tfriends! Send wattboy's a tmail!
Singing, Dancing, watching Movies, Reading Books
twistedlullaby’s blog! twistedlullaby’s profile! twistedlullaby’s tfriends! Send twistedlullaby's a tmail!
Music, Writing, Singing, Writing Lyrics, Playing The Keyboard, Writing Music, Writing in my blogs, Going to Teen Spirit, hanging out in Llanelli, Hanging out with my friends, listening to my iPod, reading Q and NME magazines
butt3rflykiss’s blog! butt3rflykiss’s profile! butt3rflykiss’s tfriends! Send butt3rflykiss's a tmail!
singing, writing, dancing, playing bball, hangin out with friends, going online, watching tv, talking on the phone, etc
FL1PSHAWTY’s blog! FL1PSHAWTY’s profile! FL1PSHAWTY’s tfriends! Send FL1PSHAWTY's a tmail!
singing, dancing
lilzoods’s blog! lilzoods’s profile! lilzoods’s tfriends! Send lilzoods's a tmail!
Writing, Harry Potter, Rupert Grint, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, ice cream, Baskin Robbins, tBLOG, rainbow, colours, skateboarding, snowboarding, cycling, motorbikes, Mini Cooper, VW Bug, HogwartsCastle, food, snacks, cats, graphics, miscellaneous, icons, banners, Kirsten Dunst, Ewan MacGregor, Eva Mendes, Will Smith, Hitch, Looney Tunes, Haunted Mansion, Fearless, stationaries, dancing, singing, quizzes, LJ, wtf am I filling out this thing and so happily fo
AnnabellLee16’s blog! AnnabellLee16’s profile! AnnabellLee16’s tfriends! Send AnnabellLee16's a tmail!
Debate, Writting, Watching movies, Singing, Driving
brunette210blr’s blog! brunette210blr’s profile! brunette210blr’s tfriends! Send brunette210blr's a tmail!
basketball, football OSU, singing, hanging out w friends, IMing,
AnotherDreamer’s blog! AnotherDreamer’s profile! AnotherDreamer’s tfriends! Send AnotherDreamer's a tmail!
skateboarding, singing, playing guitar, writing, listening to music, and seeing my stephy bay
SickShitMaggot’s blog! SickShitMaggot’s profile! SickShitMaggot’s tfriends! Send SickShitMaggot's a tmail!
Skating, Playing Drums, Surfing, Snowboarding, Singing, helping others
ravenstoday’s blog! ravenstoday’s profile! ravenstoday’s tfriends! Send ravenstoday's a tmail!
poetry, anything with writing, singing, guitar, flute, piano, darkness, rain,
rosepetals’s blog! rosepetals’s profile! rosepetals’s tfriends! Send rosepetals's a tmail!
peach and lychee boba, happy bunny, happy tree friends, hanging out with friends, God, reading, drawing, singing, AIM
4eVeRyOuRs’s blog! 4eVeRyOuRs’s profile! 4eVeRyOuRs’s tfriends! Send 4eVeRyOuRs's a tmail!
dancing, singing, hanging out w friends, shopping, talking, swimming, watching tv
LozzieD’s blog! LozzieD’s profile! LozzieD’s tfriends! Send LozzieD's a tmail!
Singing, Talking, Dancing, Gymnastics, Talking, Acting and Talking
luxurious’s blog! luxurious’s profile! luxurious’s tfriends! Send luxurious's a tmail!
singing, taking photos, dancing
akira25’s blog! akira25’s profile! akira25’s tfriends! Send akira25's a tmail!
reading books, listening to music, singing, surfing the net, chatting
Meloneye’s blog! Meloneye’s profile! Meloneye’s tfriends! Send Meloneye's a tmail!
sports, singing, acting, music, and more
parophobic’s blog! parophobic’s profile! parophobic’s tfriends! Send parophobic's a tmail!
JESUS, friends, and new people, hard rock music, guitars, drums, singing, dancing, fire, storms, horses, bright colors, being outside, down comforters, snuggling, lost, the oc, driving, flying, castles, twins, your face
jalyn’s blog! jalyn’s profile! jalyn’s tfriends! Send jalyn's a tmail!
singing, dancing, txting, chatting, playing tha guitar, swimming, malling, sleeping, watching tv, and talking n talking
MADEnLEVEL27’s blog! MADEnLEVEL27’s profile! MADEnLEVEL27’s tfriends! Send MADEnLEVEL27's a tmail!
Singing, Concerts
serena13’s blog! serena13’s profile! serena13’s tfriends! Send serena13's a tmail!
dancing, reading, having fun, swimming, singing, music, school, jokes
cattitude’s blog! cattitude’s profile! cattitude’s tfriends! Send cattitude's a tmail!
swimming, singing, playing piano, pets, reading, trav3lling, sightseeing, people,
killerbetty21x’s blog! killerbetty21x’s profile! killerbetty21x’s tfriends! Send killerbetty21x's a tmail!
writing, drawing, singing, designing, art, fashion, movies, music, sex and the city, xfiles, aqua teen hunger force, family guy, pulp fiction, kill bill series, gwen stefani, madonna, sheryl crow, no doubt, smoking, reading magazines, computers, psp, photography, kissing, blogging, etc
herheartbreaks’s blog! herheartbreaks’s profile! herheartbreaks’s tfriends! Send herheartbreaks's a tmail!
singing, writing
dee83’s blog! dee83’s profile! dee83’s tfriends! Send dee83's a tmail!
Singing, write a novel
StarryEyedFae’s blog! StarryEyedFae’s profile! StarryEyedFae’s tfriends! Send StarryEyedFae's a tmail!
ana, space, music, Hanson, languages, reading, writing, poetry, Edgar Allan Poe, CS Lewis, hedgehogs, journaling, friends, boyfriend, Harry Potter, singing, oboe, clarinet, stars, fairy tales, exercising, traveling, Korea, California, Italy, cooking, cats, cultural feminism, vegetarianism, walking, checking my email
lmeintel’s blog! lmeintel’s profile! lmeintel’s tfriends! Send lmeintel's a tmail!
Hockey, lacrosse, singing, Chi Omega, boys
o2bcinderella’s blog! o2bcinderella’s profile! o2bcinderella’s tfriends! Send o2bcinderella's a tmail!
reading, books, movies, music, singing, acting, worship, god, larue, waterdeep, matt redman, third day, evanescence, kelly clarkson, coke, shopping
WiccanChic’s blog! WiccanChic’s profile! WiccanChic’s tfriends! Send WiccanChic's a tmail!
Poetry, Singing, Acting, Dancing, Tv, Radio, etc
FieryPrison’s blog! FieryPrison’s profile! FieryPrison’s tfriends! Send FieryPrison's a tmail!
Singing, Fishing, Gaming, Basketball, Movie going
amivicky’s blog! amivicky’s profile! amivicky’s tfriends! Send amivicky's a tmail!
music, guitar, soccer, tennis, basketball, drawing, writing YES, singing, acting
keemah21’s blog! keemah21’s profile! keemah21’s tfriends! Send keemah21's a tmail!
theatre, animals, forensic files, american justice, children, Marvin Gay, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, Raphael Saadiq, Etta James, Linkin Park, Bob Marley, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, cold case files, singing, karaoke, learning new things, meeting new people, all genres of music, dancing, college, trying new things, Somanetic, NYC, movies, Adelphi University, Trinindad, auditioning, Shakespeare, Polaroid Stories, greek mythology, etc
babyruth23’s blog! babyruth23’s profile! babyruth23’s tfriends! Send babyruth23's a tmail!
dancing, singing, hanging with friends, Switchfoot, Pillar, Kutless, 12 Stones, going to churchchurch girl what, what, going to the movies, etc
blondewithablog’s blog! blondewithablog’s profile! blondewithablog’s tfriends! Send blondewithablog's a tmail!
i like horse ridding, dancing, singing, and hanging wid da crew
yomama41’s blog! yomama41’s profile! yomama41’s tfriends! Send yomama41's a tmail!
singing, dancing with friends, acting, animals, tv, vice city which isnt working and im mad lol and tv
countrygirl16’s blog! countrygirl16’s profile! countrygirl16’s tfriends! Send countrygirl16's a tmail!
Singing, hanging out, writing
missmayette’s blog! missmayette’s profile! missmayette’s tfriends! Send missmayette's a tmail!
movies, music, dancing, writing, daydreaming, shopping, singing, procrastinating
xxrpunkgoddessx’s blog! xxrpunkgoddessx’s profile! xxrpunkgoddessx’s tfriends! Send xxrpunkgoddessx's a tmail!
Singing, Dancing, Writing, poetry, Hanging out, Basket ball, Volleyball, lol, theres probably more but i cant think of them
CasandraMonique’s blog! CasandraMonique’s profile! CasandraMonique’s tfriends! Send CasandraMonique's a tmail!
Writing, Singing, Cooking, Poetry,
whispered’s blog! whispered’s profile! whispered’s tfriends! Send whispered's a tmail!
Friends, Poems, Singing, Dancing, Baking Cookies, Chatting, Relaxing, Yoga
Jixxi’s blog! Jixxi’s profile! Jixxi’s tfriends! Send Jixxi's a tmail!
Music, Singing, Writing, Dancing, Tennis, Pink, Evanescence, AIM, Friends
aeyjay’s blog! aeyjay’s profile! aeyjay’s tfriends! Send aeyjay's a tmail!
reading, surf internet, singing, watch tv, siti nurhaliza,
hajarul’s blog! hajarul’s profile! hajarul’s tfriends! Send hajarul's a tmail!
reading, surf internet, singing,
medusa683’s blog! medusa683’s profile! medusa683’s tfriends! Send medusa683's a tmail!
reading, writing, singing, Harry Potter, watching TV shows Veroinca Mars, Life as we know it, That 70s Show, music, hanging out, friends, and sleeping
RoCkInBaBe’s blog! RoCkInBaBe’s profile! RoCkInBaBe’s tfriends! Send RoCkInBaBe's a tmail!
Singing, Swimming, Listening to music, partying, Bike riding, playing my guitar
CoreyStigmata’s blog! CoreyStigmata’s profile! CoreyStigmata’s tfriends! Send CoreyStigmata's a tmail!
guitar, singing, writing, skatboarding, debating, shopping, and anything that allows me to just live it up and
thatspecialgirl’s blog! thatspecialgirl’s profile! thatspecialgirl’s tfriends! Send thatspecialgirl's a tmail!
the ataris, my boyfriend, guitar, tennis, quads, friends, music, country, drama, aim, school, church, God, Jesus, 4h, lacrosse, living life to the fullest, stars, singing, shows
DavidsPinkBelt’s blog! DavidsPinkBelt’s profile! DavidsPinkBelt’s tfriends! Send DavidsPinkBelt's a tmail!
Simple Plan, Music In General, WritingSongs, Poetry, Music, Stories, Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Internet
TallClassyStyle’s blog! TallClassyStyle’s profile! TallClassyStyle’s tfriends! Send TallClassyStyle's a tmail!
Singing, Dancing, Writting, and Reading
pandy05’s blog! pandy05’s profile! pandy05’s tfriends! Send pandy05's a tmail!
ANIMALS, mystery and horror books, poetry, writing stories poetry, music, singing
soxy’s blog! soxy’s profile! soxy’s tfriends! Send soxy's a tmail!
singing, watching movies, play online game, hang out with my friends
oluolugirl’s blog! oluolugirl’s profile! oluolugirl’s tfriends! Send oluolugirl's a tmail!
blogging, aim, chatting, skateboarding, my hair, photography, life as we know it, americas next top model, laguna beach, real world, road rules, tiger, drawing, hair expirements, singing, mardi gras, boys, art, abstraction, painting,
Rion’s blog! Rion’s profile! Rion’s tfriends! Send Rion's a tmail!
Iceskating, Icehockey, Cycling, Singing, Cars, Journalism, Fixing Jigsaw Puzzles, Playing MMORPGs
ChaoticxBliss’s blog! ChaoticxBliss’s profile! ChaoticxBliss’s tfriends! Send ChaoticxBliss's a tmail!
graphic and web design, acting, entertainment industry, singing, dancing, poetry
wickedstyle’s blog! wickedstyle’s profile! wickedstyle’s tfriends! Send wickedstyle's a tmail!
singing, dancing, movies, music, church, college, law, legal, shopping, handbags

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