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Music3, Guitar, Gaming, Chilling, Photgraphy, Media, Art, Gigs, Guys, Sleeping
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animals, anthropology, languages, horses, poetry, family, my kitty, myspace, uncg, boredom, sleeping, sex
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Shopping, sleeping
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singing, dancing, txting, chatting, playing tha guitar, swimming, malling, sleeping, watching tv, and talking n talking
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sleeping, eating, chating HaHa
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usher, derek jeter, laughing, flirting, sleeping, spending money, driving, having FUN, being loud and crazy, making funna tourists, shaking it like a salt shaker, bein the new Queen B, watching The OC like an addict, singing like a fool while driving, whatever
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surfing, skating, sleeping, eating thats about all
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horseriding, music, talking, sleeping, hometime, acting, singing in the shower, bubble bathing
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penguins, sharks, alligators, crocodiles, The Bravery, Hawthorne Heights, Weezer, My Chemical Romance, Metallica, System of the Down, Green Day My Favorite Band Hell Yeah, sleeping, daydreaming, writing in my stories, writing songs, drawing, reading, making up my own qoutes, Green Day qoutes, saying stuff randomnly and not making sense, taking pictures, movies, computer, four wheelers, dirt bikes, munster trucks, motorcycles, getting dirty, being outside near wildlife and nature, being an asshole to mall cops, violence, blood, knives and swords, guns, working out, being in my room alone and listening to music
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tennis, working out, art, drama, dance, music, volunteering, spending time with friends, sleeping
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Talking, eating, sleeping, meeting new friends, watching football, listening to music, and much more
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reading, writing, poetry, sleeping, chatting, car racing, handcuffs, biting, metal and rock, bloodthe red stuff
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partying, sleeping, hanging out with friends, MUSIC, AIM, websurfing, skateboarding, boys, and all that good stuff
HaleyxEx’s blog! HaleyxEx’s profile! HaleyxEx’s tfriends! Send HaleyxEx's a tmail!
Rap, Jon, Mike, Josh, Music, Sleepovers, Parties, Partying, Body Spray, Buffy, Angel, Computers, Shimmery Lip Gloss, Boys, Best Buy, PSP8, DeviantArt, Writing, Photomanipulation, Drawing, Sleeping, Dreaming, Imagining, Unicorns
intomysoul’s blog! intomysoul’s profile! intomysoul’s tfriends! Send intomysoul's a tmail!
Reading, Writing, Staring into Space, Sleeping
deathseeker’s blog! deathseeker’s profile! deathseeker’s tfriends! Send deathseeker's a tmail!
rock music, likin park, bowling for soup, green day, video games, friends, internert, sleeping, looking into the abyss, and spacing out
meredith3’s blog! meredith3’s profile! meredith3’s tfriends! Send meredith3's a tmail!
God, reformed theology, The Church, reading, praising God with song, listening to music, sleeping, and eating
ProfMadya’s blog! ProfMadya’s profile! ProfMadya’s tfriends! Send ProfMadya's a tmail!
listen to music, kaco org, sleeping, memekak, serve internet
CrimsonDarkness’s blog! CrimsonDarkness’s profile! CrimsonDarkness’s tfriends! Send CrimsonDarkness's a tmail!
alternative, black, candles, chaos, chillin, collages, colorguard, cutting, dreaming, drinking, drinking games, ecu, emo, eyes, fire, freedom, french horn, guys, incense, individuality, indoor guard, kappa kappa psi, laughing, lightning, moons, music, nutcrackers, partying, pictures, piercings, poetry, pot, punk, rain, rifle, red, rock climbing, rufio, sabre, sarcasm, sex, singing, skiing, sleeping, smoking, soccer, softball, stars, strawberries, sublime, sunsets, swimming, tattoos, thunder storms
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talking, sleeping, shopping, going out, partying, seein my friends, being online, playin games
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swimming, skiing, eating, sleeping
uttielover’s blog! uttielover’s profile! uttielover’s tfriends! Send uttielover's a tmail!
swimming, laffin, hangin out wif frens, sleeping, watching tv, reading stories, running and jumping moree
ling’s blog! ling’s profile! ling’s tfriends! Send ling's a tmail!
clubbing, shopping, eating, sleeping, mahjong
whitechocolate’s blog! whitechocolate’s profile! whitechocolate’s tfriends! Send whitechocolate's a tmail!
reading detective novel, sleeping, listening to the soothing music etc etc
Bsktballer235’s blog! Bsktballer235’s profile! Bsktballer235’s tfriends! Send Bsktballer235's a tmail!
all sports, boyz, music, RB, Hip Hop, some country but not all, uhhh, boyz, basketball, softball, tennis, track, talking, talking on the computer, talking on the phone, just basicaly anything that has to do with talkin, Eminem, shoping, Sleeping, Laughin til i cry, MONEY, pink, games, Ashton Kutcher, Sponge bob, Goin to Rocky, Talkin to caitilin and us havin way to much fun, Rocky games, uhhhhwatchin TV, Takin pictures, bein in pictures, Listing to music, is that in here alreadyEMINEM the biggest fan that
sweetladie2004’s blog! sweetladie2004’s profile! sweetladie2004’s tfriends! Send sweetladie2004's a tmail!
Eating, Sleeping, Talking, Typin, kissing, hugging, being wit Michael, surfing tha web
TopModelHottie’s blog! TopModelHottie’s profile! TopModelHottie’s tfriends! Send TopModelHottie's a tmail!
Internet surfing, shopping, SHOES, sleeping, cars, finding new ways to have fun, kickin it with my fam and friends, cultivating new friendships, MONEY, and making itmost of all enjoying life to the full
CHEMiCALROMaNCe’s blog! CHEMiCALROMaNCe’s profile! CHEMiCALROMaNCe’s tfriends! Send CHEMiCALROMaNCe's a tmail!
Talking, Watching Movies, Sleeping
mzjacquee’s blog! mzjacquee’s profile! mzjacquee’s tfriends! Send mzjacquee's a tmail!
Art, baths, black, coldness, daydreams, dictionaries, Dr Peppers, drawing, internet, jrock, Justin, KiSS dolls, phtographing, PS2, quiet thinking, reading, shades of red, sleeping, sneaking out, soft pillows, solitude, sour gummy worms, tigers, web designing, and writing
aicel’s blog! aicel’s profile! aicel’s tfriends! Send aicel's a tmail!
art, music, sleeping, chocolates
PassingPresence’s blog! PassingPresence’s profile! PassingPresence’s tfriends! Send PassingPresence's a tmail!
Reading, writing, music, internet, anime, reading, sleeping, driving my family and close friends insane, reading to name a few
anyothergirl’s blog! anyothergirl’s profile! anyothergirl’s tfriends! Send anyothergirl's a tmail!
a perfect circle, abandoned pools, acoustic guitar, aerosmith, athenaeum, barenaked ladies, ben harper, biking, biochemistry, biology, bon jovi, books, candles, candy, carbs, cats, chemistry, classical, coffee, coldplay, collective soul, counting crows, culture, dance, dave matthews band, default, dishwalla, english, er, evanescence, finger eleven, foo fighters, frank sinatra, fuel, goo goo dolls, gym, history, hoobastank, horse back riding, horses, howie day, incubus, jimmy eat world, john mayer, josh groban, lifehouse, live, local bands, matchbox twenty, matthew good band, music, nickelback, nirvana, norah jones, oasis, olympic diving, opera, our lady peace, ours, pasta, pearl jam, pilate, poetry, political issues, politics, quotes, radiohead, reading, red hot chili pepers, running, seether, seven mary three, sleeping, snow, stabilo, stabilo boss, staggered crossing, staind, starbucks, stereophonics, sublime, swimming, tantric, tea, the juliana theory, the special guests, the strokes, the watchmen, tonic, tori amos, travelling, vertical horizon, what not to wear, wide mouth mason, working out, writing
xheavenzcentzx’s blog! xheavenzcentzx’s profile! xheavenzcentzx’s tfriends! Send xheavenzcentzx's a tmail!
Final Fantasy, DDR, Halo, Sleeping, Hanging out with friends, Dance, Marching band, Colorguard, DCI, Phantom Regiment, Concert Band, traveling, camping, swimming
Pennello04’s blog! Pennello04’s profile! Pennello04’s tfriends! Send Pennello04's a tmail!
sleeping, cars, skiing, eating food
2lPx3’s blog! 2lPx3’s profile! 2lPx3’s tfriends! Send 2lPx3's a tmail!
shoppin, music, ps2, Chronic Future, Allister, hangin out, cookie dough and mint choc chip ice cream, One Tree Hill, the OC, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, sleeping, looking at matts drawings, and so on
connie’s blog! connie’s profile! connie’s tfriends! Send connie's a tmail!
sleeping, cycling, texting, crying, laughing, onlineing, msning, blogging, skinning, music, my piano, english, lit
sugarcoma’s blog! sugarcoma’s profile! sugarcoma’s tfriends! Send sugarcoma's a tmail!
afi, alanis morissette, all about eve, angelina jolie, angels, animal rights, animated disney films, antiteenies, antiwar, art, ben kweller, bipolar disorder, bipolar, bipolar disorder, bone structure, books, british comedy, canada, cherries, cherry coke, chocolate, cinema, collarbones, comfy clothes, compassion, concerts, converse all stars, curly hair, cutting, dancing, david bowie, david lynch, dazed and confused, deviantart, digital cameras, dogma, dogs, eeyore, elliot smith, email, emptiness, english major, equal rights, fashionista, feminism, fiona apple, francais, funky socks, get fuzzy, grape crush, hair dye, harry potter, hello kitty, hipbones, horror flicks, hugs, ikea, inner peace, insanity, inside jokes, instant messaging, interior design, internet, jk rowling, jack off jill, jawbreaker, jeff buckley, jelly belly, jem, john lennon, johnny depp, johnny rotten, kevin smith, king of the hill, law and order, love, mash, madonna, manic depression, maragritas, margaret atwood, marilyn monroe, masturbation, medication, misery, mix cds, movies, muppets, napping, nine inch nails, northern state, old punk, online journals, openmindedness, peace, people watching, peta, pets, pins, pizza, posters, prochoice, rain, reading, recess the cartoon, records, rose mcgowan, scarling, self expression, selfharm, selfinjury, semiveganism, sex, sex toys, silverchair, simpsons, singing, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smurfs, spongebob squarepants, starvation, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, sugar and spice, tea, the beatles, the city, the simpsons, thrift stores, tori amos, tranquility, used cd stores, veganism, vegetarianism, velour blankets, walmart, water, web development, winter, words, writing
berru’s blog! berru’s profile! berru’s tfriends! Send berru's a tmail!
writing, poetry, reading, prose, neopets, sleeping, eating, writing long pointless lists, brand new, music, the wildhearts, yellow card
aznsenorita’s blog! aznsenorita’s profile! aznsenorita’s tfriends! Send aznsenorita's a tmail!
FrIeNdZ, sHoPpInG, sLeEpInG, fAsHiOn ShOw, MoViEs, GoInG 2 dIfF pLaCeS, aNd MoRe
kalebvalerie’s blog! kalebvalerie’s profile! kalebvalerie’s tfriends! Send kalebvalerie's a tmail!
Eating, Shiting, Sleeping
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music, sports, olympics, animals, wildlife, filmmoviemakin, truckscars, aviation, music instr, computers, sound engineerin, playin d violin, warplanes, wolves, soccer baseball, swimming, art, africa, native american, readin, mythology, vampires, books, internet, EATING, sleeping
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Internet, Sleeping, Shopping
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Sleeping, anime, sleeping, manga, sleeping, art, sleeping, proboards, sleeping
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My BoYfRiEnD, ReLaTiOnShIp, LoOkInG fOr FrIeNdS, mUsIc, MeN, hAnG oUt WiF fRiEnDs, TaLkInG oN tHe PhOnE, SlEePiNg, LiStEnInG tO mUsIcS, wAtChInG tVeSpEcIaLlY mTv, PlAyInG pLaY sTaTiOn, ChAtTiNg In CoMpUtEr, SmSiNg
toxiicpunk’s blog! toxiicpunk’s profile! toxiicpunk’s tfriends! Send toxiicpunk's a tmail!
horsebackriding, punk, musix, computers, internet, swimming, HORSES, reading, talking, sleeping, art, drawing, and blah blah blah
Waris’s blog! Waris’s profile! Waris’s tfriends! Send Waris's a tmail!
food, eating, drinking, sleeping, women, sex, love, relationships, gossip, Friends the tv show, football SOCCER, not the Canadian type, thank you very much, computers, gaming, eating, sitting on my lazy butt all day, etc, etc
fOskcO92’s blog! fOskcO92’s profile! fOskcO92’s tfriends! Send fOskcO92's a tmail!
skateboarding, sleeping, sketching, women, clouds
RhaeDA’s blog! RhaeDA’s profile! RhaeDA’s tfriends! Send RhaeDA's a tmail!
Tarot, dragons, anime, manga, bishounen, doujinshi, fanart, fanfiction, Harry Potter, Harry Potter slash, slashyaoi, shounen ai, hopelessangsty romance, human rights, reading, writing, sleeping, fantasy, vampires, death
camille13stiff’s blog! camille13stiff’s profile! camille13stiff’s tfriends! Send camille13stiff's a tmail!
music, movies, clothes, eating, sleeping, hanging out, barhopping, etc
unexpctdsiren’s blog! unexpctdsiren’s profile! unexpctdsiren’s tfriends! Send unexpctdsiren's a tmail!
sciencefiction, fantasy, fiction, star trek, enterprise, love, food, chocolate, cellular phones, text messaging, computers, reading, sleeping, church, god, fun, leather, kids, life, painting, drawing, sketching, my kids
FLCL15’s blog! FLCL15’s profile! FLCL15’s tfriends! Send FLCL15's a tmail!
rock, sleeping, video games, driving, goth rock, coal chamber, korn, van halen, siouxie and the banshees, orgy, NIN, Manson
nitesareforever’s blog! nitesareforever’s profile! nitesareforever’s tfriends! Send nitesareforever's a tmail!
losers, gum, neon lights, God, Mates of state, music, love, the postal service, stars, conversations, belle and sebastian, modest mouse, sporks, ducks, tv, salsa picante, interstate 8 ep, deathcab, italy, cds, happy endings, saves the day, worship, the shins, internet, armor for sleep, copeland, friends, bright eyes, my amorija, singing, talking, rebels, california, monkeys, mae, old people, praying, journals, water, radiohead, pink lemonade, apple juice, a boy named josh, kids, rufiosummer, random thoughts, surfing, wilco, blur, taking back sunday, swimming with tranica, laughing, john mayer, the jealous sound, rock kills kid, indie boys, the stills, ohdanglookitred, senses fail, sunsets, popcorn, all night diners, radios, paper and pens, drawing, night time, front porches, sleeping in, getting lost, scars, money, edit the sad parts, presents, flowers, hugs, cliche phrases, babies, kisses, boyfriend, boys in purple shirts, laser pointers, paper bags, interpol, good ideas, walking, cellphones, mountains, free stuff, microwaves, thinking, magazines, interview, pictures, anxiety, taking pictures, songs, will and grace, ticket stubbs, JUST JACK, holding hands, flashlights, thursday, dvds, sleeping, wishing, dashboard confessional, bright lights, playing cards, magic tricks, name taken, the starting line, walls, the all american rejects, geeks, a walk to remember, pretending, sitting down, whispering, reggie and the full effect, underoath and emery becuz of brenda noise ratchet, acceptance, CHUNTIS, hairnot mine, brenduuuh, hearts, green, magnets, eyes, poems, vacations, my watch, being weird, my bed, the cure, GMB1, watching drunks stumble forth, doughnuts, candy, rise against, memories, new years, Rome, the moment you tell someone you love them, wash my face, mascara, lipgloss, tanning, sandals, deisels, words, playfull misspellings, questions, bruises, my camera, meetings, wahoos, rain, desert, first kisses, dates, the devine comedy, vasco rossi, sondre lerche, Bazaar, chips, boxen, games, elliot smith, oasis, sewing, clothes, shoes, pearl tampons, mogwai, il postino, ash, coloring books, ashley judd, white daisies, angels, bjork, boys in bands, deoderant, senses fails, tranicas vans, green purse, dressing up
StubbornPuppet’s blog! StubbornPuppet’s profile! StubbornPuppet’s tfriends! Send StubbornPuppet's a tmail!
eating, sleeping, talking, cleaning, music, poetry, kissing, hugging, andrew, andrew, my mom, reading, showering, pooping, peeing, being home, andrews arms, god, and ANDREW
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The Great Outdoors, reading, sleeping, shopping, torturing my poor patients, writing, study etc
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SuRfinG tHe NeT, mAkE nEwS ThRu NeTS, sLeEpIng, CyClINg, sHoPpIng, GoinG oUT WiF fReNz
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Music, anime, manga, sports, videogames, hanging out, sleeping, being me
Heylo’s blog! Heylo’s profile! Heylo’s tfriends! Send Heylo's a tmail!
Trapeze, wicca, writing, sleeping, chocolate, reading, the sims, shopping, sitting my bored ass on the computer
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1984 by george orwell, 28 days later, ancient civilizations, ancient cultures, anime, autumn, baths, beach boys, beauty, beehive hair styles, being alone, being loved, being odd, being weird, bill, bisexuality, black and white, blackberries, blueberries, boobs, boogiepop phantom, books, bookstores, boys, candlelight, catch 22, cockups, coffeeshops, colors, comics, computers, conservative, crazy people, creative writing, creativity, cuddling, curves, da vinci code, dancing, dane cook, debate, debating, demo comic, democrats, desire, detroit rock city, doing, dreaming, dreams, echoes, eternity, expression, fahrenheit 451, feeling sexy, fire, five iron frenzy, flcl, flirting, food, food network, francesca lia block, full moon, gazing at the stars, geeks, girls, goddesses, good books, good music, guys, hellsing anime, history, honesty, hot tubs, html, hugh grant, icons, independent films, innocence, intelligent conversation, intimacy, intrigue, italy, japan, japanese surf rock, kill bill, kira, kisses, kneelength skirts, lanka girls, laughing, liberal, life, living, lost in translation, love, making love, malayian sun bears, manga, mars manga, mod, molly ringwald, moonlight, music, my room, myself, mythology, nofx, noir, nudity, obsessions, oldies, overcast days, pain, paradise kiss, passion, penguins, perfect blue, pink floyd, poems, politics, porn, potato, prettiness, prochoice, promising, quentin tarentino, questions, rain, random acts of strangeness, randomness, reading, reel big fish, rei, republicans, retro, rss, screaming, see emily play, serial experiments lain, sex, sex and the city, sexuality, shmarm, showers, sillyness, ska, sleeping, sleeping together, snare drums, socks, sporks, strange little girls, sun bears, sunrise, sunset, surf rock, sushi, sweater sets, swimming, syndicated feeds, syndications, tainted love, talking, tarot, techno, the beatles, the mighty mighty bosstones, the moon, the punisher comic, the virgin suicides, the who, the zoo, theatre, thinking, transmetropolitan, trumpets and trombones, underwear, upbeat music, weirdness, wondering, writing, xml, yin and yang, you
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WahSo ManyHanging Out, Playing, Talking, Sleeping, Watching TV, Listening Songs
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Reading, Star Trek, Sleeping, Reading about Star Trek, Rattling on insanely about important issues
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Computers, phone phreaking, phones, cell phones, unix, linux, mandrake, Cowboy bebop, music, sleeping, eating, ani spoofing, my laptop, seatbelts, Phonelosers, cichlids, Tropical fish, movies, requiem for a dream, a clockwork orange, books, not sleeping, 486, overclocking, talking, writing stuff
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Mohawks, music, guitar, polka dots, diy, art, vintage, friends, sleeping, dancing around like a movie star, singing into my hairbrush
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mi gurlz, boiz, net, sleeping, dancing, beach, shopping, music, etc
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chatting, surfing, going online, listening to music, movies, sports, shoppin, sleeping, eating p, and others
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going partying, drawing, listening to music, sleeping, watching tv, swimming, running,
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JaNeLLemusic, sleeping, talking, chating on the computer, playing games, watching TV, and GUYS
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Photography, drawing, laughing, loving, trying, existing, daydreaming, thinking, dreaming, sleeping
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crapping, sleeping, slacking, eating, making noise
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Hiphopz, music, dancing, sleeping
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SINGING, dancing, writing, drums, guitar, fashion designing, sLeEpInG
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art, black and white photos, books, bookstores, chai, charlie brown, clouds, coffee, coffee houses, cuddling, cunt, dancing, daria, dreaming, emo, feminism, halloween, hello kitty, hugs, intercourse of the mind, kissing, libraries, love, making out, mindless self indulgence, music, my socalled life, nature, painting, photography, pictures, playing, poems, poetry, politics, rainbows, reading, romance, sex, shoes, shopping, singing, sleeping, soul mates, star gazing, swimming, sylvia plath, theatre, thinking, watching movies, writing, you
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hanging with friends, music, talking on the phone, being gay, making out, footsies, dating, rollerblading, working out, sleeping, horror movies, shopping, law TV shows, Friends the Series, Angel the Series, Buffy the Series, no favorite actor, no favorite actress, webdesign, food, not doing homework
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bowling, swimming, reading, sleeping, shopping, watching movies too many to list all of it
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Shopping, sleeping, boys, tennis, hanging out with friends, etc

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