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Watching TV
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Studying, sleeping, Watching TV
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movies, car, hamster, computer, online games, novel, interior design, color, watching tv
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watching tv, reading, texting
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Skateboarding, Listening to my favorite bands, Watching tv, talking on the phone, and of course blogging
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reading, listening to music, watching TV, sports, cats, lions, astrology, history and so on
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Catching and eating bugs, beating the crap out of Lucy my calico roommate, watching TV, sleeping and shedding my hair everywhere
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reading, climbing, watching tv, hiking, many more
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laptop, cellphone, music, watching tv, swimming, eating, hanging out with my fwendz,
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watching tv, coloring, reading, drawing, talking, spending time with my boyfriend, going to Yonkers
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fashion, shopping, music, snowboarding, skiing, baseball, music, watching tv, listening to music
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wAtchiNg tv, surfing the nEt, reaDing, liStening tO music
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dancing, singing, hanging out w friends, shopping, talking, swimming, watching tv
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surfing the net, reading, writing, going to school, making friends, watching TV
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Watching TV, shopping, talking with friends and watching movie
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draw a picture, listen broadcast, watching movie, Watching TV
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singing, dancing, txting, chatting, playing tha guitar, swimming, malling, sleeping, watching tv, and talking n talking
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playing computer games, badminton, volleyball, basketball, swimming, table tennis, texting, eating, watching tv, surfing the internet, reading books, dancing, singing whatever
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Watching tv, animes, teen fiction, surfing the Internet, drawing, playing piano, making my own song lyrics, dancing, music pop, love SIMPLE PLAN and more
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Playing games, watching tv, and hanging out with my girlfriend
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Playing Volleyball, Watching Tv, Hanging with Friends, Playing Computer Games, Staying up Late, Playing Jokes on other People, Making Fun with Friends, Going to Malls, Watching Movies, Meeting New Friends, Playing my Skateboard, Swimming, Surfing the Net
uttielover’s blog! uttielover’s profile! uttielover’s tfriends! Send uttielover's a tmail!
swimming, laffin, hangin out wif frens, sleeping, watching tv, reading stories, running and jumping moree
mave’s blog! mave’s profile! mave’s tfriends! Send mave's a tmail!
Drawing, Surfing the Net, Fantasizing, Eating, Flirting, Texting, Watching TV, Reading Comics, Playing basketball and volleyball, watching reality tv shows
aphra’s blog! aphra’s profile! aphra’s tfriends! Send aphra's a tmail!
Surfing the net, reading, watching tv, playing with my daughter, occasionally going out with sanaa shopping and goi
artajo’s blog! artajo’s profile! artajo’s tfriends! Send artajo's a tmail!
Reading books, watching tv, surfing the net, playing PS, watching MOvies, Going to malls, Playing Dance Revo M2M
vodkachica’s blog! vodkachica’s profile! vodkachica’s tfriends! Send vodkachica's a tmail!
Writing, reading, listening to country and rock music, watching tv, sending postcards, hanging out
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chocolate chip cookies, music, taking back sunday, fall out boy, switchfoot, offspring, new found glory, mest, green day, snow potral, Franz Ferdinand, breaking benjamin, three days grace, all american rejects, story of the year, brand new, modest mouse, blink182, movies GOTHIKA, watching tv, the simpson, mad tv, mtv, fuse, talking online with my friends, blogging, shopping, soccer, basketball, football, lacross, being a spaz, being annoying, ice cream, hott guys, the beach, roller coasters, theme parks, parties, my friends, camping, traveling, road trips, going to skate comps, watching people fall on their faces, laughing, swimming, taking pictures, proving people wrong, doing things people thought i would never do, taking dares, randomly going cray at any moment in time, talking, eating candy, chocolate, animal crackers, pointing stupid things out such as this so there f
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likes the beach, paddling, basketball, hanging with friends, watching tv, just chilling
tasia’s blog! tasia’s profile! tasia’s tfriends! Send tasia's a tmail!
I like to play tennis, I like the steelpan, car racing is my joy NFS in particular, surfing the net, reading sometimes, watching tv
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Painting, Playing Tennis, Watching Baseball Braves and Brewers, Swimming, Shopping, Listening to Music I like a lot of Indie Bands for, Traveling, Watching TV, and taking baths
kana’s blog! kana’s profile! kana’s tfriends! Send kana's a tmail!
singing, dancing, drawing, chatting, friendster, surfing the net, watching tv, making friendsetc
Queenies’s blog! Queenies’s profile! Queenies’s tfriends! Send Queenies's a tmail!
WahSo ManyHanging Out, Playing, Talking, Sleeping, Watching TV, Listening Songs
jayeannev’s blog! jayeannev’s profile! jayeannev’s tfriends! Send jayeannev's a tmail!
reading, writing, anime, movies, watching tv
charcoaldust09’s blog! charcoaldust09’s profile! charcoaldust09’s tfriends! Send charcoaldust09's a tmail!
going partying, drawing, listening to music, sleeping, watching tv, swimming, running,
07raiderettes’s blog! 07raiderettes’s profile! 07raiderettes’s tfriends! Send 07raiderettes's a tmail!
JaNeLLemusic, sleeping, talking, chating on the computer, playing games, watching TV, and GUYS
iceland’s blog! iceland’s profile! iceland’s tfriends! Send iceland's a tmail!
Reading, watching TV, movies, shopping, surfing the internet
pjursugar’s blog! pjursugar’s profile! pjursugar’s tfriends! Send pjursugar's a tmail!
Drawing, reading, watching TV, gossiping with friends and relatives, plotting my move from the country to the city, putting fear in the hearts of conservatives everyw
reatots’s blog! reatots’s profile! reatots’s tfriends! Send reatots's a tmail!
Watching TV, Surfing the Net, Hanging Out with Friends
TeMpTaTiOn’s blog! TeMpTaTiOn’s profile! TeMpTaTiOn’s tfriends! Send TeMpTaTiOn's a tmail!
I like msn, watching tv, hanging out with my friends and my bf nick and i l
chel’s blog! chel’s profile! chel’s tfriends! Send chel's a tmail!
singing, singing, singing, watching tv, listenin to music, eating, ahehehe, chat, un lng muna ngaun aheheh
minot’s blog! minot’s profile! minot’s tfriends! Send minot's a tmail!
Watching TV, Watching Movies, Malling, Shopping, Surfing the Net, Mountain Climbing, Swimming, Sleeping, Eating, Playing, Hanging Out with Friends
Mizumon’s blog! Mizumon’s profile! Mizumon’s tfriends! Send Mizumon's a tmail!
drawing, slouching, reading, watching tv, listening to music, thinking, playing games, strategizing, playing chess
dramaqween891’s blog! dramaqween891’s profile! dramaqween891’s tfriends! Send dramaqween891's a tmail!
Singing, dancing, ice skating, rollerskating, horseback riding, reading, writing, talking on the phone and internet, shopping, listening to music pop or country, watching tv
powhalaguena’s blog! powhalaguena’s profile! powhalaguena’s tfriends! Send powhalaguena's a tmail!
wallclimbing, going out to diffrent places, watching tv, hanging outetc
Melissa’s blog! Melissa’s profile! Melissa’s tfriends! Send Melissa's a tmail!
volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, watching TV, looking at HOT guys, talking to friends, talking on the phone, bitching at everyone else, sleeping and eating
joanzz02’s blog! joanzz02’s profile! joanzz02’s tfriends! Send joanzz02's a tmail!
chatting, texting, watching tv, listening to radio, reading comics
ikalu15’s blog! ikalu15’s profile! ikalu15’s tfriends! Send ikalu15's a tmail!
swimming, surfing the net, writing, hanging out with friends, sutff toys, clothes, mcdo, watching tv
MystiQal’s blog! MystiQal’s profile! MystiQal’s tfriends! Send MystiQal's a tmail!
I love writing, reading poetry, literature, watching TV, talking on the phone, watching movies, listening to music, making friends, hanging out with my buds, love my bros, sis and all of those who respect me and love me I
Beatrice’s blog! Beatrice’s profile! Beatrice’s tfriends! Send Beatrice's a tmail!
I like reading, going to church, watching tv, shopping and heaps other stuff
yuna’s blog! yuna’s profile! yuna’s tfriends! Send yuna's a tmail!
watching tv, surfing internet, reading, playing football, eating a lothaha
belekoy’s blog! belekoy’s profile! belekoy’s tfriends! Send belekoy's a tmail!
surfing the net, watching tv, matchbox twenty, eminem, good food, good laugh, josh hartnett, read books
wenzi’s blog! wenzi’s profile! wenzi’s tfriends! Send wenzi's a tmail!
sleepinghu dosent like tt, watching tv, playing computer, surfing the net, and etc
qzstuffs’s blog! qzstuffs’s profile! qzstuffs’s tfriends! Send qzstuffs's a tmail!
Playing Violin, Playing Basketball, Biking, Playing Computer, Listening to music, Drawing, Having fun with my friends, Flying kites, Painting, Talking to 17 parrots at China, I had 17 parrots and all of them learned how to ta, Playing pingpong, Sleeping, Watching TV
oolilleonardoo’s blog! oolilleonardoo’s profile! oolilleonardoo’s tfriends! Send oolilleonardoo's a tmail!
sports, specifically softball, shopping, hanging out with my friends, watching tv, talking online, being with my boyfriend, watching sports like my bfs football, lots of other stuff too
soliloquy’s blog! soliloquy’s profile! soliloquy’s tfriends! Send soliloquy's a tmail!
books, poetry, chocolate, mocha, blogging, watching tv, disney movies, crafts, fluffy pillows and teddy bears
sillylilmeeh’s blog! sillylilmeeh’s profile! sillylilmeeh’s tfriends! Send sillylilmeeh's a tmail!
chatting wit da h0mies, being b0red, watching tv, sh0pping, seeping, kickin iyt wit da friendsz family, bein silly, talking 0n the f0ne, nd L0TSZ m0re
Euroaznbaby’s blog! Euroaznbaby’s profile! Euroaznbaby’s tfriends! Send Euroaznbaby's a tmail!
singing, dancing, horsebak riding, shopping, watching tv, go out to eat, hanging out wif frens, goin to the movies
Kevin1389’s blog! Kevin1389’s profile! Kevin1389’s tfriends! Send Kevin1389's a tmail!
Playing video games, watching tv, chatting online, hangin out w friends, watchingplaying sports


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