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beer, cigarettes, penmanship, bird flu, skanks, lying, dying, not sleeping, hunger!
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retro, vintage, classics, pinups, fifties, sixties, thirties, twenties, beer, food, wine, calligraphy, illustration, old posters, old postcards, cheesecake, bombshells, 50s music, 60s music, 70s music, classic cars, vintage cars, old 4WDs, wooden boats, old boats, steam trains, maritime history, aviation history, automobile history, classic actresses, classic models, classic pinups, risque, erotic art, 40s movie stars, 50s movie stars, 60s movie stars, English literatur, Scandinavian literatur, the paranormal, mythology, mytholological beings, classic ghost stories,
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Delphi programming, auto, moto, girls, beer
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Drama, sex, Dashboard Confessional, Trends, hair, make up, Poetry, sex, palaties, cloths, yoga, beer, singing, boys, relationships, sex, evolution, piano, basketball, etc oh, and sex
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StaticX, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Korn, System of a Down, Cold, Revis, Art, Games, Beer, Hard Liquor, Cars, Girls
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Politics, Sports, Beer, Technology, Computers, Religion, Crack Cocaine, Meeting People, Infomercials, Girls, Philosophy, History, Fruity Pebbles, fill in blank here for extras
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Beer, liquor, TA, cigars, books, and food, cooking
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beer, arts, sex, writing, bitchin, webbin, anytin, quebec
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Pearl Jam, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Salvador Dali, New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Daniel Quinn, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Liz Phair, REM, Geography, Phish, The Greatful Dead, Beer, Geology, Maps, Hiking, Yoga, Walt Witman
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I loveacting, alcohol, alice in wonderland, american beauty, art, audrey hepburn, beauty, beer, betty paige, billy holiday, bjork, black and white photographs, black eyeliner, blondie, blowing smoke rings, bmxing, boys, bright red lipstick, bubble gum, candles, cat eye glasses, cats, chain smoking, chanel no 5, chapstick, cherry coke, chinese food, chocolate, chucks, ciggys, clean sheets, clouds, cocktails, coffee, coffeeshops, collarbones, corsets, cursive, dancing, daydreaming, dead flowers, dirty dancing, disneyland, dusk, etta james, eyes, fast cars, films, fires, fucking, full frontal snogging, gas stations, go go boots, gratuitous nudity, grocery stores, hollywood, horror movies, i dream of jeannie, ice cream, imagination, independance, indie music, jack off jill, jean skirts, johnny depp, kisses, knives, le tigre, lighters, lip gloss, lips, lipstick, lube, lucille ball, lucky jeans, makeup, making my own clothestshirts, marylin monroe, massages, meeting new people, mixtapes, movies, music, nail polish, nerds, night, nightmare before christmas, painting, paintings, paris, parties, penis piercings, photography, pink glitter nail polish, poetry, polka dots, psychobilly, pubs, punk, rain, record stores, reggae, ska, san diego, sarcasm, sex, silent films, sixteen candles, sleep, sluts, snail mail, snow, social distortion, socks, stephen king, stilletos, stripes, sublime, sucker love, suitcases, surfing, taking pictures, the airport, the beach, the breakfast club, the clash, the color pink, the distillers, the moon, the smiths, thrift stores, tim burton, underwear, vintage jewlery, vintage lingerie, vintage shops, whores, wine, writing, writing poetrysongs, yoga, your body, 9827, 9829
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My Daughter, Reading, Scifi, Alternative History, Computer Games, Indie Music, Philosophy, Politics, Beer, not necessarily in that order
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Footy, Beer, er, more Footy, WineWomenandSong, soccer
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Music, Soccer, Drinking heavily, Going to the beach, Hanging out with friends, School, Teaching, Learning, Boys, Toys, Kittens, Cartoons, TV, Beer


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