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Aikido, Local bands, Music, Dancingtook belly dancing for awhile, DDR, and the outdoors
Scarling’s blog! Scarling’s profile! Scarling’s tfriends! Send Scarling's a tmail!
Jack Off Jill, Malice Mizer, Utada Hikaru, Moi Dix Mois, Mana hell anything that cross dressing man does, afi, and wells, anime, anime rpg, ankhs, archery, art, auras, awkward moments, bells and chains, betrayl, bible black, biting, blink, blood, bloodshed and pocky, burning things, cemeteries, cigarettes, coal chamber, cosplay, crafts, crysanthemums, dancing, ddr, dead things, deadsy, death, dementia, desperation, edo, faeries, fire, flcl, foamy, folk lore, forests, gellantinous inards, green, hair dying, halloween, hentaioo, him, history, horror movies, insomnia, inuyasha, invader zim, jack off jill, japan, jthm, kittie, knives, legends, lenore, lotr, lycanthropes, magik entities, medeval time periods, midnight, misery, myths, needles, nights, obsidian, pain, painting, paper cuts, paper things, perfect blue, pins, pippin, poetry, rain, reading, reconcilliation, reincarnation, sakura, samurai, sarcasm, silver, skeletons, skulls, sleeping pills, sorrow, soul binds, spicy fish cake ramen, spirits, , tim burton films, torment, trigun, twilight, vampyres, vanilla, witchcraft, writting, yaoi
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anime, writing, drawing, art, original fiction, band, music, system of a down, 3 days grace, b link182, hoobastak, linkin park, ashlee simpson, final fantasy, ffx, ffx2, typing incorrectly, ddr, kingdom hearts, depression, blood, b lack, inuyasha, full metal alchemist, trigun, fruits basket, naruto, manga, reading, 5 lead penicls, HTML, override codes, web design, chronic future, the killers, black eyed peas, rock, slipknot, switchfoot, trapt, maroon 5, video games
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Final Fantasy, DDR, Halo, Sleeping, Hanging out with friends, Dance, Marching band, Colorguard, DCI, Phantom Regiment, Concert Band, traveling, camping, swimming
Bekabaka’s blog! Bekabaka’s profile! Bekabaka’s tfriends! Send Bekabaka's a tmail!
friends, family, clarinet, ddr, painting, final fantasy, hanging out, rollercoasters, Israel, marching band, chronic future, movies, music, having fun, food, shoes, animals, ice cream,
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anime, DDR, Video Games, Coffee, Internet, Movies, Music, Guitar, Signing, Freaking people out, building websites, dancing
Raykie’s blog! Raykie’s profile! Raykie’s tfriends! Send Raykie's a tmail!
Furcadia, DDR, School, Street Racing, Hanging out wherever
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DDR, FLCL, Megatokyo, Tool, Viva La Bam, Duct Tape, AntiStatic Bags, The Pillows, Catcher In The Rye, Sonic Youth, Dali, Quentin Tarantino, Caramel Macchiatos
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anime, arcades, beatmania, captain america, chappelles show, comics, computers, ddr, electronics, food, fzerogx, gambit, gamecube, girls, iidx, internet, james bond, kingdom hearts, knuckles the echidna, lilo and stitch, marvel vs capcom, mp3s, n64, paintballing, pokemon games, ps2, punked, running, shizmoo games, sleep, sonic games, sonic heroes, sonic the hedgehog, soul calibur, south park, super mario, talking, video games, viva la bam, web design, web journals, xbox
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DDR, web design, hanging out with friends, talking about said friends behind their back with
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Japanese Anime, DDR, Fluffy things, DVDs, Kareoke, Chattin, Bloggin, Good stuff
HoopGuRlz26’s blog! HoopGuRlz26’s profile! HoopGuRlz26’s tfriends! Send HoopGuRlz26's a tmail!
RJShopping, chatting with friendz online, DDR, taking photographs, playing videogames, blogging, reading, listening to music, playing sports especially basketball, dancing, making friends
Kaichan’s blog! Kaichan’s profile! Kaichan’s tfriends! Send Kaichan's a tmail!
jrock, jrock, Dir en grey, Miyavi, Malice Mizer, Dasein, anime, manga, yaoi, slash, card captor sakura, Cowboy bebop, Saiyuke, gravitation, FAKE, Under the glass moon, Visual Kei, Gothic Lolita, Japan, fashion, chatting, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XI, graphics, photography, Fan Fiction, Kare Kano, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, Fruits Basket, Earthian, art, interior design, Glay, Pierrot, Hide, Hyde, Gackt, Morning Musume, jpop, Koda Kumi, Kinki Kids, rain, Finch, Atticus, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Disney Movies, Disney, Digital Photography, Photo Shoots, Victorian clothing, galleria, ORANGE, apples, Kanji, Kyo, Shinya, literature, candy, lolipops, Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, ice cream, fan art, Escaflowne, Demon Diary, Hair Styles, hair color, Wish, Clamp, XDay, rock music, The Sounds, The Calling, Matthew Good Band, blankets, Friends, Will and Grace, motorcycles, local bands, houston meetups, ezboard, Message boards, ghosts, ghost hunting, 1337, Mega Tokyo, Real Life, writing, decoratiing, stuffed animals, Pucca, garu, Korean Cartoons, cute fluffly things, neato cellphone rings, history, ancient egypt, Europe, backpacking, touring, Art museums, operas, plays, Modern Art, Pop Art, Art Walks, The Strand, galveston, nancy drew, Lemony Snicket, Sabriel, Lirael, The Seventh Tower, The Blue Sword, The hero and the crown, cherry coke, sprite, bright lights, christmas light, summer, spring, flowers, cherry blossoms, for get me nots, gardening, strawberrys, cooking, asian cooking, desserts, drama club, art club, photography club, Battle Royale, japanese films, japanese horror films, japanese historical films, horror movies, romance movies, Orlando Bloom, Indianna Jones, ice sculptures, shiney things, pin ups, Due le quartz, Psycho le cemu, Blast, Gauze, Vulgar, Missa, nicknames, Crystal Eyes, diets, gamecube, ps2, nintendo, gameboy, DDR, Wild Arms, Zelda, The SIms, Resident Evil, chatting, Roleplaying, RPing, Plastic Tree, Ryuutarou, Dasien, Glay, Boowy, Baroque, TM Revolution, japanese, Polysics, Hiro, Super Happy Fun Land, Gauze, Macabre, Kisou, Neu, kanji,
allyoucaneat’s blog! allyoucaneat’s profile! allyoucaneat’s tfriends! Send allyoucaneat's a tmail!
VIDEOGAMES, cars, chicksnot chickensleep, pool, DWIdance with intensity, DDR
o0loser0o’s blog! o0loser0o’s profile! o0loser0o’s tfriends! Send o0loser0o's a tmail!
Anime, anime, anime, Ddr, anime, computer, music, anime
Maiku’s blog! Maiku’s profile! Maiku’s tfriends! Send Maiku's a tmail!
Furries, Yiff, Fursuits, Fursona, Animals, Animation, Video Games, Role Play, Yaoi, Drawing, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Anime, Disney, Phantom Manor, Haunted Mansion Holiday, Dark Rides, Supernatural, Paranormal, Dance Dance Revolution, DDR, Anime,
EchosDream’s blog! EchosDream’s profile! EchosDream’s tfriends! Send EchosDream's a tmail!
yoga, music, blogs, writing, hanging out, shopping, DDR, video games, chatting, unicorns, life, philosophy, books, harry potter, lord of the rings, the mists of avalon, mythology, politics, studying


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