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guitar, drinking, lying
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Netball, Trampolining, Cinema, Going out in general, Drinking
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music, skateboarding, drinking, girls
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My Race Car, Speedway Racing, Drinking, Rock, Heavy Metal, New Zealand rockheavy metal, Love to party with freinds, Love my boyfriend, Enjoy abusing people i dont like,
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golf, soccer, baseball, softball, cars, pool, swimming, dance, sing, clubs, drinking, sex
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runnin, playing the violin, parties, drinking, smoking, listening to music, hanging out with my man1
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hanging out, drinking, making out, listening to music, pissing around and annoying my enemies
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boating, clouds, drinking, dancing, lakes, beaches
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Music, smoking, drinking, feeling sorry for myself, talking to myself and occasionaly others, COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE and not forgettting Alex but
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playing my guitar, dancing, hanging out with my friends, drinking, going to the beach, bonfires, traveling, talking o yea trying new things, etc
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surfing, drinking, hanging out wit friends, parties, watching foty
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any type of rock some punk music, tclothes, drinking, concerts, cheese, the boyfirend smiles, friends, dancing, singing to wierd songs, doing a bit of art when i want to
FatBitch’s blog! FatBitch’s profile! FatBitch’s tfriends! Send FatBitch's a tmail!
piercings, tattoos, black, scars, hope, destiny, strength, courage, fate, drinking, smoking, marijuana, coke, drugs, selfdestruction, cutting, alcohol, life, death
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18 visions, a7x, affection, afi, alice cooper, anthrax, arch enemy, art and writing, asphyxiation, atreyu, bella morte, biting, black and death metal, black label society, black sabbath, bleeding mascara, bleeding through, blood and bleeding, bon jovi, boys, burns and cuts, cannibal corpse, cemetaries, children of bodom, coal chamber, collide, corsets and cuteness, cradle of filth, cuddling, damage plan, dancing, darkness, dead star assembly, death and dreams, decide, devil driver, dimmu borgir, dir en grey, drinking, faeries, fetish and bondage, fire and gore, fishnet, girls, glitter and glowsticks, goatwhore, gothic and industrial music, gothic romance, gravehopping, graveyards at night, halloween, handcuffs, hatebreed, heavy metal, him, himsa, horror movies, in flames, incense and candles, individuality, insomnia, invader zim and jthm, iron maiden, jack off jill, jhonen vasquez, judas priest, kinky, kittie, knives and knife play, lace, lacrimosa, lacuna coil, lamb of god, laughter, lords of acid, love and lust, malice mizer, marilyn manson, mascara and eyeliner, masks and mannequins, megadeath, midnight, mistfits, morbid, morbid angel, motley crue, mudvayne, murderdolls, music, my chemical romance, my ruin, nepalm death, new orleans nightlife, nightmare before christmas, nightwish, nin, nirvana, openmindedness and individuality, orgy, otep, pain and pleasure, pantera, partying, penguins rammstein, photography, rain and thunder, razed in black, reading, rob zombie, rope and blindfolds, roses, satyricon, screaming, seductive, selfmutilation, seraphim shock, shadows fall, sharp objects, shows, skinkrawl, slayer, slipknot, society 1, soilwork, stalking and shadows, staticx, stockings, superjoint ritual, switchblade symphony, tattoos and piercings, tears, the 69 eyes, the birthday massacre, the crow, the cruxshadows, the dresden dolls, the french quarter, the killers, the missing, the used, theatre des vampires, theatre of tragedy, tool, type o negative, vamp star, vampirism, vnv nation, whips and chains, Antarctica vs the World, Hello Asphalt, Persona Five, things that go bump in the night
emotionallycraz’s blog! emotionallycraz’s profile! emotionallycraz’s tfriends! Send emotionallycraz's a tmail!
love music likeunderoath, the chariot, norma jean, chloe bridges, matchbook romance, fallout boyyeah, photography, art, going to shows, dancing, drinking, writing poetry
wickedchild’s blog! wickedchild’s profile! wickedchild’s tfriends! Send wickedchild's a tmail!
music, drinking, computers, games, music, playing guitar, learning piano, music
AbandonedHope’s blog! AbandonedHope’s profile! AbandonedHope’s tfriends! Send AbandonedHope's a tmail!
Paintball, CKY, Modest Mouse, Iced Earth, The Distillers, David Bowie, Green Day, Horse the band, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, Dropkick Murpheys, AFI, Nervana, Bad Religion, , Squee, JTHM, Sandman, Invader Zim, tenacious d, killswitch engage, family guy, in flames, aqua teen hunger force, futurama, Bender, Neil Gaiman, Korn, Vertigo, Drinking, Piercing, sex, tattoos
CrimsonDarkness’s blog! CrimsonDarkness’s profile! CrimsonDarkness’s tfriends! Send CrimsonDarkness's a tmail!
alternative, black, candles, chaos, chillin, collages, colorguard, cutting, dreaming, drinking, drinking games, ecu, emo, eyes, fire, freedom, french horn, guys, incense, individuality, indoor guard, kappa kappa psi, laughing, lightning, moons, music, nutcrackers, partying, pictures, piercings, poetry, pot, punk, rain, rifle, red, rock climbing, rufio, sabre, sarcasm, sex, singing, skiing, sleeping, smoking, soccer, softball, stars, strawberries, sublime, sunsets, swimming, tattoos, thunder storms
Waris’s blog! Waris’s profile! Waris’s tfriends! Send Waris's a tmail!
food, eating, drinking, sleeping, women, sex, love, relationships, gossip, Friends the tv show, football SOCCER, not the Canadian type, thank you very much, computers, gaming, eating, sitting on my lazy butt all day, etc, etc
budd3n’s blog! budd3n’s profile! budd3n’s tfriends! Send budd3n's a tmail!
fashion, webdesign, drinking, socialising
yinger’s blog! yinger’s profile! yinger’s tfriends! Send yinger's a tmail!
The OC, Law Order, baseball, hockey, drinking, partying, thunder, rain, snow tubing, water tubing, Wild and Careless Summers, hours watching movies, Avril Lavigne, Liz Phair, Better Than Ezra, and every other music that rocks and can make me g, relaxing, driving around, and the list just goes on
PunkRockSlut’s blog! PunkRockSlut’s profile! PunkRockSlut’s tfriends! Send PunkRockSlut's a tmail!
Music, Snowboarding, Drinking, Shopping, Flirting, Eyeliner, Hair dye, Porn, Handcuffs, Sex, Biting, Licking, Sucking, PVC, Skirts, Quickies, Digital cams, Piercings, Tats, Fast cars
iridescentkitty’s blog! iridescentkitty’s profile! iridescentkitty’s tfriends! Send iridescentkitty's a tmail!
drinking, partying, chatting, mucking around, being pretty giggles
LyonDenyit’s blog! LyonDenyit’s profile! LyonDenyit’s tfriends! Send LyonDenyit's a tmail!
Journalism, politics, biking, weight lifting, drinking, any kind of music
delirium’s blog! delirium’s profile! delirium’s tfriends! Send delirium's a tmail!
Clubs, Bars, Drinking, Chilling out, Joyrides, Roadtrips
Boogerschnot2’s blog! Boogerschnot2’s profile! Boogerschnot2’s tfriends! Send Boogerschnot2's a tmail!
Women, sex, guns, Good books, better yet great booksthe alchemist is one of my f, reading, drinking, partying, bar hopping, The Beach, Chinese women, blogging
cringinginside’s blog! cringinginside’s profile! cringinginside’s tfriends! Send cringinginside's a tmail!
sparring, eating, watching movies, drinking, dancing, writing poems, taking photos, killing cats, breaking hearts
dababy’s blog! dababy’s profile! dababy’s tfriends! Send dababy's a tmail!
dancing, drinking, shopping, socialising, music, going out, meeting friends
Squidge’s blog! Squidge’s profile! Squidge’s tfriends! Send Squidge's a tmail!
Lads, Going out, drinking
jnrsubz33’s blog! jnrsubz33’s profile! jnrsubz33’s tfriends! Send jnrsubz33's a tmail!
Going out with friends, movies, eating out, drinking, overall making the most out of life
Chesca’s blog! Chesca’s profile! Chesca’s tfriends! Send Chesca's a tmail!
uhmm, anime, swimming, clubbing, dancing, drinking, having a laugh, chillin with my mates, and alsorts more
PinkyCatie’s blog! PinkyCatie’s profile! PinkyCatie’s tfriends! Send PinkyCatie's a tmail!
chillin with the girls, smoking, having fun, shopping, drinking, flirting, etc you know the deal
surfergirl’s blog! surfergirl’s profile! surfergirl’s tfriends! Send surfergirl's a tmail!
Drinking, hanging out, volleyball, soccer, the beach, good conversation, music, flirting, sex
Kimi2113’s blog! Kimi2113’s profile! Kimi2113’s tfriends! Send Kimi2113's a tmail!
420, Drinking, My girls and my boys, Music, Film, Reading, History, Travel, Random Adventures, and anything new and exciting
BeCkErZ’s blog! BeCkErZ’s profile! BeCkErZ’s tfriends! Send BeCkErZ's a tmail!
partying, drinking, ravez, guyz, beach, theme parkz, shopping, friendz, dating etc
xx0cheeky0xx’s blog! xx0cheeky0xx’s profile! xx0cheeky0xx’s tfriends! Send xx0cheeky0xx's a tmail!
drinking, tv, sleep, Boards Of Canada, Calvin and Hobbes, Aphex Twin, Diesleboy, DnB, Ambient, interpol, Guinness, Corona, James Brown, Green Day, England, Ottawa, Elton John, Joy Division, chillin, goofing around, whining, fun, sunshine, relaxation, traveling, clubbing, pubs, vodka, etc
Ames’s blog! Ames’s profile! Ames’s tfriends! Send Ames's a tmail!
AFI, Millencollin, HIM, Shai Hulud, Incubus, Netball, Touch Rugby, Going to tha movies, Going to parites, drinking, sleeping with the enemy eg Cliffe, Talking to Jarryd and all my other Perth friends, hating Hitler Thats about it
Justified’s blog! Justified’s profile! Justified’s tfriends! Send Justified's a tmail!
Books, video gamesPS2 and Game Boy, Online games, Drinking, Movies, Music
Ultraman7000’s blog! Ultraman7000’s profile! Ultraman7000’s tfriends! Send Ultraman7000's a tmail!
Drinking, Football, Dennys, Baseball, Metallica, GirlsSuper Hot Ultra Ones, like Cj and JamiePoker at Phils, More Drinking, Driving through lawns at night, SpidermanDrunk me, and Causing Trouble
caffeine’s blog! caffeine’s profile! caffeine’s tfriends! Send caffeine's a tmail!
Skydiving, Guitar, Music, Art, Theater, Film, Acting, Reading, SciFi, Psychology, Lesbians, Drinking, Drugs, Sex, Clubbing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Tattoos, Hiking, Camping, Clothes, Thrift Stores, Thailand, Travel, Food, Cooking, Herbology, Astronomy, Wicca, Witchcraft


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