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Gothic, goth, music, Forensic Science, Paganism, Witchcraft, moon, night, Mythology, Winter, writing, reading, poetry, Horror, Fantasy, swords, daggers, weapons Fantasy, coffee, RPGs, silver
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retro, vintage, classics, pinups, fifties, sixties, thirties, twenties, beer, food, wine, calligraphy, illustration, old posters, old postcards, cheesecake, bombshells, 50s music, 60s music, 70s music, classic cars, vintage cars, old 4WDs, wooden boats, old boats, steam trains, maritime history, aviation history, automobile history, classic actresses, classic models, classic pinups, risque, erotic art, 40s movie stars, 50s movie stars, 60s movie stars, English literatur, Scandinavian literatur, the paranormal, mythology, mytholological beings, classic ghost stories,
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ACLU, Alfred Hitchcock, Art, Blogs, Democrats, Greenpeace, Film, Gothic Genre, Horror, Liberal, Literature, Music, CLASSICAL, Borodin, Debusy, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Rodrigo, Tchaikovsky, JAZZ, Chet Baker, Pat Metheny, OLDIES, Buddy Holly, Della Reese, Dinah Washington, Fleetwoods, Nancy Wilson, Timi Yuro, Mythology, Photography, Politics, Writing
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3 days grace, aaf, afi, alcohol, alice in chains, angels, anne rice, anorexia, antichrist, antichrist, anton lavey, arch enemy, art, astrology, avenged sevenfold, bi, blink 182, body art, book of shadows, bos, chamaeleons, chaos, coal chamber, coma black, coma white, craft, cults, cut, cutting, dark poems, death, demons, digital dreams, dream reading, dreams, drugs, druids, eminem, finger eleven, gay, glass casket, gothic poems, hellraiser, homosexual, homosexuality, hoobastank, horror, hot topic, human mind, incubus, kittie, korn, lacuna coil, lamb of god, left behind, left hand path, levay, life and death, magic, magick, manson, marilyn manson, marilynmanson, mechanical animals, metallica, meth, mind control, movies, msn, mudvayne, murder dolls, mushroom head, mushroomhead, music, mythology, numerology, occult, orgy, otep, ozzy, pantera, paranormal, phycology, piercings, poems, poetry, raves, razor blades, reading thoughts, satanic, satanic bible, satanism, seether, self mutalation, serpents, sex, shrooms, simpsons, slayer, slipknot, smoking, social, south park, speed, spirituality, spooky boutique, staind, staticx, stone sour, sugarcult, the craft, the hurting truth, third eye, three days grace, thursday, tool, vampier, vampyr, wicca, writing spells, zeromancer, moon magick, moon, incantations, ancient magick
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anime, manga, Japan, Norse Legendmythology, drawing, writing, rping, world religions, mythology, books
NaughtybutNice’s blog! NaughtybutNice’s profile! NaughtybutNice’s tfriends! Send NaughtybutNice's a tmail!
books, writing, basketball, movies, mythology, friends, painting, my homepage
nike’s blog! nike’s profile! nike’s tfriends! Send nike's a tmail!
music, sports, olympics, animals, wildlife, filmmoviemakin, truckscars, aviation, music instr, computers, sound engineerin, playin d violin, warplanes, wolves, soccer baseball, swimming, art, africa, native american, readin, mythology, vampires, books, internet, EATING, sleeping
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Witchcraft, Goddesses, Paganism, Spirituality, Religion, prayers, meditation, chakras, divination, tarot, astrology, reading, vampires, writing, poems, music, yoga, pets, cats, ravens, mythology, music, movies, charmed, nature, Activism, causes,
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Writing, Reading, Music, Movies, Meeting New People, Internet Groups Chat, World Cultures, Religion, Paganism, Spirituality, Paranormal, Fantasy, Faeries, Mythology, Genealogy, Philosophy, Parenting, Collecting, Art, Elementals, Entertainment, Humor, Digital Photography Imaging, Reality TV, Animals, Divination, Learning New Things, Gardening, Self Improvement, Dream Analysis, History, Medieval, Sacred Sites
hunnie’s blog! hunnie’s profile! hunnie’s tfriends! Send hunnie's a tmail!
Web design, creating and collecting graphics, PSP, reading, music, movies, trivia, mythology, scifi, erotica, health, nutrition
strawberrynoir’s blog! strawberrynoir’s profile! strawberrynoir’s tfriends! Send strawberrynoir's a tmail!
1984 by george orwell, 28 days later, ancient civilizations, ancient cultures, anime, autumn, baths, beach boys, beauty, beehive hair styles, being alone, being loved, being odd, being weird, bill, bisexuality, black and white, blackberries, blueberries, boobs, boogiepop phantom, books, bookstores, boys, candlelight, catch 22, cockups, coffeeshops, colors, comics, computers, conservative, crazy people, creative writing, creativity, cuddling, curves, da vinci code, dancing, dane cook, debate, debating, demo comic, democrats, desire, detroit rock city, doing, dreaming, dreams, echoes, eternity, expression, fahrenheit 451, feeling sexy, fire, five iron frenzy, flcl, flirting, food, food network, francesca lia block, full moon, gazing at the stars, geeks, girls, goddesses, good books, good music, guys, hellsing anime, history, honesty, hot tubs, html, hugh grant, icons, independent films, innocence, intelligent conversation, intimacy, intrigue, italy, japan, japanese surf rock, kill bill, kira, kisses, kneelength skirts, lanka girls, laughing, liberal, life, living, lost in translation, love, making love, malayian sun bears, manga, mars manga, mod, molly ringwald, moonlight, music, my room, myself, mythology, nofx, noir, nudity, obsessions, oldies, overcast days, pain, paradise kiss, passion, penguins, perfect blue, pink floyd, poems, politics, porn, potato, prettiness, prochoice, promising, quentin tarentino, questions, rain, random acts of strangeness, randomness, reading, reel big fish, rei, republicans, retro, rss, screaming, see emily play, serial experiments lain, sex, sex and the city, sexuality, shmarm, showers, sillyness, ska, sleeping, sleeping together, snare drums, socks, sporks, strange little girls, sun bears, sunrise, sunset, surf rock, sushi, sweater sets, swimming, syndicated feeds, syndications, tainted love, talking, tarot, techno, the beatles, the mighty mighty bosstones, the moon, the punisher comic, the virgin suicides, the who, the zoo, theatre, thinking, transmetropolitan, trumpets and trombones, underwear, upbeat music, weirdness, wondering, writing, xml, yin and yang, you
flippant’s blog! flippant’s profile! flippant’s tfriends! Send flippant's a tmail!
Philippines, FilipinoAmerican, Pinoy, Pinay, culture, folklore, mythology, AsianAmerican,
coffeexblack’s blog! coffeexblack’s profile! coffeexblack’s tfriends! Send coffeexblack's a tmail!
alias, astrology, basketball, bedazzled, billy martin, blue, bon jovi, cats, chad michael murray, charmed, crosses, crossing jordan, david beckham, dido, dogs, dragonflies, dragons, dreams, drew fuller, drums, er, evanescence, fanfiction, fire, frogs, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, guitar, holly marie combs, jennifer garner, john mayer, johnny depp, julia roberts, julian mcmahon, linkin park, listening to music, love, magic, magick, maroon 5, matchbox twenty, michael vartan, michelle branch, milo ventimiglia, movies, music, mythology, new york city, nickelback, our lady peace, pink and black, poems, poetry, pretty woman, prophecies, quotes, rain, richard gere, rose mcgowan, runaway bride, sarah mclachlan, singing, song lyrics, stars, sting, stitch, swimming, tarot, the american president, the pretender, three days grace, three doors down, tv shows, what a girl wants, witchcraft, writing, yellowcard, ,
brimy14’s blog! brimy14’s profile! brimy14’s tfriends! Send brimy14's a tmail!
Music, Shopping, Partying, Friends, Basketball, Tennis, Drawing, Writting, Poetry, Reading, Celtic, Mythology, Fantasy, World Religions, Family Guy, South Park, hmmm
pigswithwings’s blog! pigswithwings’s profile! pigswithwings’s tfriends! Send pigswithwings's a tmail!
24 hour diners, 806, alice in wonderland, all your base, animal planet, anime, anne rice, antitruth, anton chelnokov, astrology, astronomy, ayumi hamasaki, backstreet boys, blackouts, blood, buffy the vampire slayer, buffyangel, calvin hobbes, chess, childhood, chocolate chip cookies, chokers, circus, cirque, cirque du soleil, college, concerts, contortion, corsets, cosplay, courtship, dark wonderland, dave matthews band, dolphins, draco malfoy, dream analysis, elegant gothic lolita, evil, eyeliner, fab 5, fairs, fandom, fights, film scores, fishnets, friends, full moons, glow sticks, goo goo dolls, graphic design, harry potter, high fantasy, human psyche, instincts, jelly rings, jim hawkins, ktbspa, law and order, legalize marijuana, lips, lord of the rings, lotrips, mallrats, manga, marvel, marykate and ashley, mindless self indulgence, movie posters, movie trailers, musicals, mythology, national geographic, night, now then, old school nickelodeon, orcas, ozzfest, penny arcade, peter pan, peterwendy, photography, pins, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, postcards, quiet, rain, road trips, rob zombie, romeo juliet, ronhermione, rpg, russian techno, sarcasm, school girl uniforms, serial monogamy, singing, slash, sleep, smashing pumpkins, snakes, soundtracks, star wars, strong bad, swimming, switchblade symphony, system of a down, taking pictures, teen titans, tekken, the challengers, the left rights, thunderstorms, ticket stubs, tongue rings, tornadoes, trapeze, traveling, treasure planet, truth or dare, uccc, vampires, video game music, video games, video taping, web design, wildlife, writing
albisteak’s blog! albisteak’s profile! albisteak’s tfriends! Send albisteak's a tmail!
Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Ecology, Future Technology, History, Mythology, Religion, Speculative Fiction, Witchcraft
paintXmyselfXou’s blog! paintXmyselfXou’s profile! paintXmyselfXou’s tfriends! Send paintXmyselfXou's a tmail!
art, psychology, mythology
EchosDream’s blog! EchosDream’s profile! EchosDream’s tfriends! Send EchosDream's a tmail!
yoga, music, blogs, writing, hanging out, shopping, DDR, video games, chatting, unicorns, life, philosophy, books, harry potter, lord of the rings, the mists of avalon, mythology, politics, studying


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