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gandolf’s blog! gandolf’s profile! gandolf’s tfriends! Send gandolf's a tmail!
The Beatles, Frodo and Samwise, escaping the status quo in one piece, peace, Camus, Mencken, Abbie Hoffman....
AppleBlossom’s blog! AppleBlossom’s profile! AppleBlossom’s tfriends! Send AppleBlossom's a tmail!
concerts, music, art, Andy Warhol, The Beatles, dancing, tree climbing
BailandoSucio’s blog! BailandoSucio’s profile! BailandoSucio’s tfriends! Send BailandoSucio's a tmail!
Music i enjoy various genresWeezer, Coldplay, ACDC, Missy Elliott, Maroon 5, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Ciara, Mariah Carey, Jeremy Camp, 3 Doors Down, Frank Sinatra, The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Yellow Card, 2220s, Keane, Toby Keith, most classical music, the list goes oni think u get the point, the allamerican rejects, Diana Ross and the Supremes
easyluckyfree’s blog! easyluckyfree’s profile! easyluckyfree’s tfriends! Send easyluckyfree's a tmail!
our interests24, ipods, catcher in the rye, belle sebastian, beach, bright eyes, the faint, vie de france, the great gatsby, tofu, the beatles, velvet underground, of montreal, elton john, amelie, starwars
makemeover’s blog! makemeover’s profile! makemeover’s tfriends! Send makemeover's a tmail!
adding interests, alice cooper, answering machines, antianarchy, antiangry people, antideath metal, antievanescence, art majors, beatles, being quite, being right, bulges, busted, canada, carrots, cawthra, cawthra park, cheese, chicago, chocolat, collarbones, courtney love, crotches, danny elfman, depeche mode, disney, dwarfs, ed gein, edward scissorhands, egg came before chicken, femisism, gigi, ginger spice, ginos, glaring at people, gnomes, grapes, guy on guy action, harry potter, hating your music, hissing, hole, homoerrotism, i am god, invading america, johnny depp, juliana theory, keeping tabs on people, laughing at naked people, livejournal, lush hair, me, merle oberon, michael jackson is innocent, mick mars, midgets, mispeling, mocking people, motley crue, napoleon dynamite, nikki sixx, orange, oscar wilde, pointing at people, proincest, rainbow boys, rainbow high, raisins, reuseable toilet paper, rocky horror picture show, rolling stones, rory, shock value, sinthu, siouxsie, siouxsie the banshees, sleeping, slurping, sneeezing, socks, spice girls, spongebob, stalking, talking behind your back, tangerine fruizzis, the beatles, the doors, the juliana theory, the little mermaid, the nightmare before christmas, the ramones, the rolling stones, tim burton, toilet seats, toilets, tommy lee, tongues, tricking pepper, vomiting, winona ryder, world domination
catonine’s blog! catonine’s profile! catonine’s tfriends! Send catonine's a tmail!
jetskiing, biking, being a mom, being a friend, learning more about myself, the who, the beatles, country music, republican, volkswagen, losing weight
GIR3426’s blog! GIR3426’s profile! GIR3426’s tfriends! Send GIR3426's a tmail!
a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, abandoned pools, alice in chains, all apologies, aneurysm, anime, astrology, audioslave, band, bass, ben shepherd, billy corgan, bleach, blood, bob marley, bradley nowell, bush, cake, candles, candy, cartoons, chocolate, chris cornell, chuck taylors, concerts, corey taylor, cowboy bebop, dave grohl, dave parsons, daydream nation, deftones, dirty, drums, eat, eddie vedder, family guy, fender, foo fighters, food, friends, full metal jacket, gavin rossdale, gir, grunge, guitar picks, guitars, guns, hamsters, heavier than heaven, humanistic, i feel sick, ibanez, in utero, invader zim, jag stang, janis joplin, jhonen vasquez, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, jonathan davis, jthm, kevin smith, kill bill, kim gordon, kim thayil, knives, korn, krist novoselic, kurt cobain, lvbd, layne staley, led zeppelin, live music, love, marilyn manson, milk it, moonlight, mosh pits, movies, music, nevermind, nigel pulsford, nightmares, nin, nirvana, nostalgia, office space, paper cup exit, pattern recognition, pearl jam, pink floyd, poetry, puddles, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rain, rats, red hot chili peppers, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, resident evil, rx queen, scarface, sharp objects, siamese dream, singing, sixteen stone, sleep, slipknot, sliverchair, smashing pumpkins, something in the way, songwriting, sonic nurse, sonic youth, soundgarden, south park, squee, stanley kubrick, stars, start over, stone temple pilots, stones, stratocaster, sublime, tacos, the beatles, the doors, the nightmare before christmas, the scary monkey show, the simpsons, thom yorke, thurston moore, tim burton, tommy walter, tool, tv, verse chorus verse, washing machine, zero
belmeme’s blog! belmeme’s profile! belmeme’s tfriends! Send belmeme's a tmail!
the beatles, blogging
sugarcoma’s blog! sugarcoma’s profile! sugarcoma’s tfriends! Send sugarcoma's a tmail!
afi, alanis morissette, all about eve, angelina jolie, angels, animal rights, animated disney films, antiteenies, antiwar, art, ben kweller, bipolar disorder, bipolar, bipolar disorder, bone structure, books, british comedy, canada, cherries, cherry coke, chocolate, cinema, collarbones, comfy clothes, compassion, concerts, converse all stars, curly hair, cutting, dancing, david bowie, david lynch, dazed and confused, deviantart, digital cameras, dogma, dogs, eeyore, elliot smith, email, emptiness, english major, equal rights, fashionista, feminism, fiona apple, francais, funky socks, get fuzzy, grape crush, hair dye, harry potter, hello kitty, hipbones, horror flicks, hugs, ikea, inner peace, insanity, inside jokes, instant messaging, interior design, internet, jk rowling, jack off jill, jawbreaker, jeff buckley, jelly belly, jem, john lennon, johnny depp, johnny rotten, kevin smith, king of the hill, law and order, love, mash, madonna, manic depression, maragritas, margaret atwood, marilyn monroe, masturbation, medication, misery, mix cds, movies, muppets, napping, nine inch nails, northern state, old punk, online journals, openmindedness, peace, people watching, peta, pets, pins, pizza, posters, prochoice, rain, reading, recess the cartoon, records, rose mcgowan, scarling, self expression, selfharm, selfinjury, semiveganism, sex, sex toys, silverchair, simpsons, singing, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smurfs, spongebob squarepants, starvation, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, sugar and spice, tea, the beatles, the city, the simpsons, thrift stores, tori amos, tranquility, used cd stores, veganism, vegetarianism, velour blankets, walmart, water, web development, winter, words, writing
vintagetastic’s blog! vintagetastic’s profile! vintagetastic’s tfriends! Send vintagetastic's a tmail!
acoustic rock, aim, aretha franklin, at the drivein, bad religion, badger badger badger, bakelite bangles, banana phone, beads, boas, boneyourmothercom, brad neely, burning cds, buttons, canada, candles, catholic school slut skirts, checkers, chuck taylors, college comedies, combat boots, comedy central, countdowns, cream, cynicism, daria, dave foley, david goliath, david bowie, death cab for cutie, degrassi, don hertzfeldt, doodling on stuff, drawing on clothes, dreadlocks, earrings, ebay, edward norton movies, elchevivo, elimidate, explodingdogcom, family guy, flash cartoons, flowers, folk rock, fugazi, fuzzy things, ghost world, glassesbraces, gloves, harry potter, harrythe potters, hippies, homestarrunnercom, i love the 70s, i love the 80s, i love the 90s, indie rock, insence, iron wine, isaac brock, jeans, john frusciante, john lennon, kangaroos, kaylagabe, kazaa, kingdom hearts, liprings, lists, maddoxxmissioncom, mary jane shoes, michael ian black, michael moore movies, mix tapes, modest mouse, morrissey, music videos, my cd player, my turquoise walls, my wifey, neil young, neutral milk hotel, not wearing hats, notcoolclubcom, officespace, old cameras, paper hats, passing notes, paul frank, people, photography, photoshop, pink floyd, ponchos, potter puppet pals, punk rockers named donnie, quentin tarantino movies, quizzes, radiohead, red staplers, rejected, sailor outfits, sarcasm, scarves, shiny things, skirts, skirts with combat boots, socks, sparkles, spin magazine, starterupstevecom, stockings, tacos, tenacious d, the beatles, the color pink, the doors, the f word, the gap, the mars volta, the n, the palace, the pixies, the smiths, the violent femmes, toga parties, trucker hats, ugly casonova, under roos, urban outfitters, venice beach, verizon dsl, vespas, vh1, vintage stuff, vintage teeshirts, walking on train tracks, warmer hairbird, weebl stuff, whiteninjacomicscom, wizard people dear reader, wizardly fodder, yeah yeah yeahs, zippers
strawberrynoir’s blog! strawberrynoir’s profile! strawberrynoir’s tfriends! Send strawberrynoir's a tmail!
1984 by george orwell, 28 days later, ancient civilizations, ancient cultures, anime, autumn, baths, beach boys, beauty, beehive hair styles, being alone, being loved, being odd, being weird, bill, bisexuality, black and white, blackberries, blueberries, boobs, boogiepop phantom, books, bookstores, boys, candlelight, catch 22, cockups, coffeeshops, colors, comics, computers, conservative, crazy people, creative writing, creativity, cuddling, curves, da vinci code, dancing, dane cook, debate, debating, demo comic, democrats, desire, detroit rock city, doing, dreaming, dreams, echoes, eternity, expression, fahrenheit 451, feeling sexy, fire, five iron frenzy, flcl, flirting, food, food network, francesca lia block, full moon, gazing at the stars, geeks, girls, goddesses, good books, good music, guys, hellsing anime, history, honesty, hot tubs, html, hugh grant, icons, independent films, innocence, intelligent conversation, intimacy, intrigue, italy, japan, japanese surf rock, kill bill, kira, kisses, kneelength skirts, lanka girls, laughing, liberal, life, living, lost in translation, love, making love, malayian sun bears, manga, mars manga, mod, molly ringwald, moonlight, music, my room, myself, mythology, nofx, noir, nudity, obsessions, oldies, overcast days, pain, paradise kiss, passion, penguins, perfect blue, pink floyd, poems, politics, porn, potato, prettiness, prochoice, promising, quentin tarentino, questions, rain, random acts of strangeness, randomness, reading, reel big fish, rei, republicans, retro, rss, screaming, see emily play, serial experiments lain, sex, sex and the city, sexuality, shmarm, showers, sillyness, ska, sleeping, sleeping together, snare drums, socks, sporks, strange little girls, sun bears, sunrise, sunset, surf rock, sushi, sweater sets, swimming, syndicated feeds, syndications, tainted love, talking, tarot, techno, the beatles, the mighty mighty bosstones, the moon, the punisher comic, the virgin suicides, the who, the zoo, theatre, thinking, transmetropolitan, trumpets and trombones, underwear, upbeat music, weirdness, wondering, writing, xml, yin and yang, you
RedHandedDenial’s blog! RedHandedDenial’s profile! RedHandedDenial’s tfriends! Send RedHandedDenial's a tmail!
20s, 50s, 80s, 80s fashion, antiwar, art, august, autumn, bach, beloved, black eye liner, blue eyes, bones, bonzo, bright eyes, chevys, coats, concerts, cows, cunt, cursive, dark hair, dazed and confused, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, deciduous trees, drawing, drummers, drums, excercise, eyes, fetus, finding nemo, foo fighters, fresno, friends, green day, green eyes, guys, hair dye, hardcore, hips, hot water music, incubus, inside jokes, jamba juice, juice, laughing, led zeppelin, lonley, loserface, luis royo, make up, matchbook romance, me, men, mewithoutyou, muscle cars, music, nirvana, orgasms, oxymoron, pearl jam, photography, piercings, pink floyd, postal service, prolife, pulp fiction, punk, radiohead, rancid, random, reading, rhcp, rilo kiley, rock, rocky horror picture show, screaming, shakespeare, song lyrics, starbucks, taking back sunday, tattoos, the beatles, the beetles, the postal service, theatre, underoath, weezer, women, wrists, writing, zuit suits
teddydeath’s blog! teddydeath’s profile! teddydeath’s tfriends! Send teddydeath's a tmail!
star wars, live bands, music, cats, hanging around with my frenz, retro stuffs, shiny tins, The Beatles, feel good movies, shady carpark damn lots of memories there
sephorith’s blog! sephorith’s profile! sephorith’s tfriends! Send sephorith's a tmail!
art, music, modeling, drugs, finding beauty in the dark, photography, the contryside, geeks, invador zim, weebl bob, monkey island, monty python, anime, manga, drawing, painting, pirates of the carribean, lord of the rings, lilo stitch, the lion king, nine inch nails, coal chamber, mindless self indulgece, clash, stones, the doors, pearl jam, bob marley, hendrix, dei ja vu, portishead, queens ot stone age, flaming lips, kyuss, spin doctors, led zep, fugazi, black flag, the gorrila biscuits, opeth, soul coughing, black sabbath, mogwai, bob dylan, counting crows, ben folds, the beatles, terry pratchett, nick hornby, peter jackson, giger, tim burton, wives, lenore, culture, poloticts, unique hair, deception, dirty sex, beer, road trips, winter, blood, knives, pink floyd, role play, red dwarf, discworld, atari, snakes, rats, monkeys, fairys, manny calavera, angels, fishnets, rain, roses, full moons, midnight, pink snow, idiocy, glow sticks, graphic design, sarcasm, douglas adams, eyeliner, kandinski, astrology, insult sword fighting, insulting people, mocking people, irony, illusions, lightning, pirates, jonny depp, viggo mortensen, grog, corsets, slaves, toungues, misspelling, more drugs
queenofthenile’s blog! queenofthenile’s profile! queenofthenile’s tfriends! Send queenofthenile's a tmail!
harry potter, a series of unfortunate events, lord of the rings, the beatles, the darkness, writing fan fics, pirates of the caribbean, johnny depp, jeremy sumpter, elijah wood, adam sigh
EbilMonster’s blog! EbilMonster’s profile! EbilMonster’s tfriends! Send EbilMonster's a tmail!
Linkin Park, Jazz, Drawing, The Beatles, Alanis Morrisette, Swimming, Web designing, Chickens, Roleplaying, My GBA
me0w’s blog! me0w’s profile! me0w’s tfriends! Send me0w's a tmail!
anime, procrastination, PotC, pirates of the carribean, yaoi, shounen ai, yuri, seme, uke, bondage, goths, angst, FAKE, Paradise Kiss, Vagabond, Initial D, Wish, Clover, Yami No Matsuei, Chobits, Battle Angel Alita, Inuyasha, Peach Girl, Marmalade Boy, Anne Rice, Tamora Pierce, Vampires, Super Natural, Fantasy, Fanfiction, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nirvana, The Pixies, The Cars, The Cure, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Robin Trower, black, purple, me0w, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alkaline Trio, Steely Dan, The Eagles, Sarah McLachlan, Evanescence, Linkin Park, HIM, Ville Valo, Staind, Nada Surf, Scapegoat Wax, Stereophonics, Orgy, The Distillers, Green Day, Stroke 9
Scully77’s blog! Scully77’s profile! Scully77’s tfriends! Send Scully77's a tmail!
Birds, the paranormal, The XFiles, photography, music, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, movies, writing literature, antiques, traveling, collecting Fossil watches, Chris Isaak, Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper, John Mayer, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Eagles, Dave Matthews Band, The Cranberries, ZZ Top, Madonna, South Park, Dark Shadows, Van Briggle pottery, buying new shoes, CocaCola, margaritas, billiards, techno gadgets
IWantToTellYou’s blog! IWantToTellYou’s profile! IWantToTellYou’s tfriends! Send IWantToTellYou's a tmail!
The Beatles, Wings Paul McCartney, History Napoleonic Era
sheeliya’s blog! sheeliya’s profile! sheeliya’s tfriends! Send sheeliya's a tmail!
Irish everything especially the music, dropkick murphys, flogging molly, goldfinger, 80s rock, ACDC, MXPX, Jimmy Buffet, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Taking Back Sunday, Relient K, Matrix, FOTR, TTT, ROTK, lord of the rings, orlando bloom, orli, will turner, legolas, hot bald soldier guy, my friends, basketball, volleyball, COMPUTERS, you
girl’s blog! girl’s profile! girl’s tfriends! Send girl's a tmail!
Coffee, red, green, Sailing, Hockey, laughing, painting, Hats, concerts, photography, tea, Accents, road trips, The lowest note on the guitar, smart writing, rainy days with nothing important to do, sweater weather, peppermint, purple ink, cinnamon, band tshirts, being optimistic, top ramen, new coffee mugs, cranberry bubble bath, proper sense of humor, fog, fluffy pillows, george bush just kidding, colored lightbulbs, jeans that fit perfectly, friendly people, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Radiohead, The Cure, U2, Wilco, The Beatles, Blur, Sigur Ros, White Stripes, Travis, Coldplay, Eels, Badly Drawn Boy, Led Zepplin, Interpol, Stereophonics, idlewild, Doves, Spoon, The Verve, The Strokes, Sondre Lerche, The Jam, BRMC, Nick Hornby, Dave Eggers, Don DeLillo
MerrySwissMiss’s blog! MerrySwissMiss’s profile! MerrySwissMiss’s tfriends! Send MerrySwissMiss's a tmail!
acdc, air heads, american saddlebred horses, beaches, being in love, blow pops, blue, bob dylan, candles, chad pennington, chocolate, dreams, epilepsy, eyeliner, frogs, horses, horseshows, klonopin, led zeppelin, limeade, lipgloss, love charms, loverboy, my jeep, nail polish, oracles, paul simon, peanut butter, pink floyd, seizures, shirley temples, shoes, shopping, sleeping, starbucks, sundaes, tea, tegretol, the beatles, trumpet, writing
WOOZY’s blog! WOOZY’s profile! WOOZY’s tfriends! Send WOOZY's a tmail!
PRINGLES, MUSIC, GAMBOYS, MOTORCYCLES, BOYS IM BOYFRIEND IMPAIRED HAHAHAH i need a boyrie, writing, i love musik anything that sounds good to me i wi, the beatles


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