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writing, thinking, martial arts
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Rock, football, thinking, reading, general conversation
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Photography, drawing, laughing, loving, trying, existing, daydreaming, thinking, dreaming, sleeping
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art, black and white photos, books, bookstores, chai, charlie brown, clouds, coffee, coffee houses, cuddling, cunt, dancing, daria, dreaming, emo, feminism, halloween, hello kitty, hugs, intercourse of the mind, kissing, libraries, love, making out, mindless self indulgence, music, my socalled life, nature, painting, photography, pictures, playing, poems, poetry, politics, rainbows, reading, romance, sex, shoes, shopping, singing, sleeping, soul mates, star gazing, swimming, sylvia plath, theatre, thinking, watching movies, writing, you
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drawing, slouching, reading, watching tv, listening to music, thinking, playing games, strategizing, playing chess
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Reading, Writing, Thinking, Internet
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drinking coffee, reading, thinking, dressing up, dancing, eating good food, enjoying life
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music, guitar, writing music, lyrics, poetry, prose, etc, photography, staring at walls, thinking, going on adventures, travelling, watching porn, red wine, heineken, going to punk shows, volunteering, hanging out with my 49yearold mother and her middl, ya knowthe usual stuff
MunkeeGamer’s blog! MunkeeGamer’s profile! MunkeeGamer’s tfriends! Send MunkeeGamer's a tmail!
School, Lying about actually liking school, Math, No seriously I really like math, Aka creativity, games of all sorts video computer sexual, thinking, fighting and destroying the souls of the damned un, paranormal happenings, snow days, my own psychic abilities, the truth which leads to a severe disdain to blind
IWantToDie’s blog! IWantToDie’s profile! IWantToDie’s tfriends! Send IWantToDie's a tmail!
iWishCuziCan’s blog! iWishCuziCan’s profile! iWishCuziCan’s tfriends! Send iWishCuziCan's a tmail!
reading, writing, thinking, music, dancing, movement of and kind, chocolate
Koala’s blog! Koala’s profile! Koala’s tfriends! Send Koala's a tmail!
Anime, Manga, Music, Art, Sports, Karaoke, Video Games ActionAdventureRPGFighting, Ice Skating, Reading, Thinking, Daydreaming
evermoreunsure’s blog! evermoreunsure’s profile! evermoreunsure’s tfriends! Send evermoreunsure's a tmail!
Guitar, Writing, Drawing, Abstract Art, Thinking
StrawberryFields’s blog! StrawberryFields’s profile! StrawberryFields’s tfriends! Send StrawberryFields's a tmail!
Reading, writing, drawing, internet, chatrooms, seeing movies, music, hanging out with friends, thinking
Megalynn’s blog! Megalynn’s profile! Megalynn’s tfriends! Send Megalynn's a tmail!
ace of base, alalkaline trio, alien ant farm, anarchy, ann rice, art, ashton kutcher, astrology, audioslave, beaches, billy boyd, black, black flag, blink 182, bob dylan, bookies, books, cats, chatting with friends, cheshire cat, chris carraba, coldplay, coloring, daniel johns, dark blue, dark green, dashboard confessional, dido, disturbed, dominic monaghan, drawing, edgar allen poe, elijah wood, evanescence, fenix tx, finger eleven, fire, florida, french language, friends, george clooney, georgiacumberland academy, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, green day, guys, jared nunley, jaycee kerr, johnny depp, kurt cobain, leonardo dicaprio, lestat de lioncourt, lightning, linkon park, lynard skynard, mark hoppus, melodic music, metallica, music, no solution, oceans, orlando bloom, pearl jam, peregrin took, pink floyd, pirates, pixies, poetry, punk rock, queen of the damned, rain, reading, romeo and juliet, sailor moon, samwise gamgee, scarlet rose buds, sean astin, seether, shawn colvin, siberian huskies, silverchair, singing, skateboarding, skater punks, sleeping, staind, the ataris, the cars, the clash, the cure, the offspring, thinking, third eye blind, thrice, thunder, tom delonge, u2, unwritten law, vampires, vegeta, vendetta red, vincent van gough, william shakespeare, winnie the pooh, wolves, writing
toxicpins’s blog! toxicpins’s profile! toxicpins’s tfriends! Send toxicpins's a tmail!
Writing poetry, Listening to music, Thinking, Art, Writing music, punk, ska, emo, Hardcore, Xtreme sports
Kamikaze_rae’s blog! Kamikaze_rae’s profile! Kamikaze_rae’s tfriends! Send Kamikaze_rae's a tmail!
Writing, photography, reading, blogging, travelling, gaming, thinking, social sciences, music, english lit


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