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books, movies meeting new people and visiting new places, queen, boneym and yeah aba too!!!!
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Architecture, Books, Outdoor sports,
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bOokS, nEt, mY bOyFrieNd
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cinema, books, sports, and human behavior
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music, books
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books, magazine, movies, tv series, talk shows, bags, arts, food, astrology, dreams, people, life, friends, gimicks
krazziiee09’s blog! krazziiee09’s profile! krazziiee09’s tfriends! Send krazziiee09's a tmail!
music, sports, movies, cartoons, fun stuff, juvenile related activities, religion, books, learning
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rats, cats, books, wicca, star wars, sharpe, friends, family
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halo, halo 2, anime, manga, books, loud music, louder music
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coffee, shoes, bags, books, dogs, music, laughter, smiling faces, goofing around with friends, my kamote cue japanese and italian cuisine, matchbox and hotwheels cars, sunrise and sunsets, the internet, piggy stuff
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Books, Computer games, PS, General knowledge, History Disney movies
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Books, Military, RCMP, Guys, BOOS, W33D
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Books, love, sex, faeries, vampyres, wicca, painting, drawing
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music, books, foreign language, travelling, daydreaming p
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books, people, love, cold coffee, surfin the net, sports, skirts, doggies, beaches, flowers, swiss chocos, movies
sparklingbud’s blog! sparklingbud’s profile! sparklingbud’s tfriends! Send sparklingbud's a tmail!
translating, teaching, languages, books, music, films, singing, photography, writing, cycling, having fun, laughing, travelling, cooking, etc
Jillie’s blog! Jillie’s profile! Jillie’s tfriends! Send Jillie's a tmail!
Knitting, Running, gardening, Books, Music, Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends
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Anime, Computers, Books, Manga, Drawing
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Books, Writing, Spiders, Science, Harry Potter, Stephen King,
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Books, teddy bears, writing, craft stuff, learning more about God, piano and guitar, running
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Comics, animation, music, coffee, books, drinking with friends, night clubs and more
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Books, TV, Movies, Music, Badminton
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movies, poetry, books, music, food, painting, drawing, baking
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Rock, Drama, Films, Books
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Books, Scary Movies RO, Music, The Beach Hmm WHat else
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music, books, philosophy, painting and drawing, art, zappa
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movies, books, music, coffee, bikes and yup foood
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my family, friends, highschool ministry, books, english, pink, Baguio, Paris, music, JESUS
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Rob, Family, Friends, Bowling, Billiards, Beach, Camping, Homebody, Movies, Music, Computers, Internet, College, Books, Poetry, Quotes
angelsdivine90’s blog! angelsdivine90’s profile! angelsdivine90’s tfriends! Send angelsdivine90's a tmail!
Iceskating, Books
rainbowgurl’s blog! rainbowgurl’s profile! rainbowgurl’s tfriends! Send rainbowgurl's a tmail!
cars, dragons, books, pinky, tblogi am on it every day durrr, shoppingcome on every gurl loves shoppingraving cl, my mates and other peeps i find humans sooooo inte
o2bcinderella’s blog! o2bcinderella’s profile! o2bcinderella’s tfriends! Send o2bcinderella's a tmail!
reading, books, movies, music, singing, acting, worship, god, larue, waterdeep, matt redman, third day, evanescence, kelly clarkson, coke, shopping
eiLLagUrL’s blog! eiLLagUrL’s profile! eiLLagUrL’s tfriends! Send eiLLagUrL's a tmail!
soccer, tennis, basketball, music, ipod, guitar, violin, beach, new york city, maine, washington dc, books, internet, cell phones, class of 2009, parties
josmithmedina’s blog! josmithmedina’s profile! josmithmedina’s tfriends! Send josmithmedina's a tmail!
Politics, Economics, Foods, Cartoons, Mr bean, Books, Television, and sound trip
blackishpink’s blog! blackishpink’s profile! blackishpink’s tfriends! Send blackishpink's a tmail!
Lots of interest sum are not my hobbies but I am v, diving, beaching, movies, music, books, japan too many to list man
taycobb’s blog! taycobb’s profile! taycobb’s tfriends! Send taycobb's a tmail!
Anime, videogames, books, flash cartoons
kyo83’s blog! kyo83’s profile! kyo83’s tfriends! Send kyo83's a tmail!
Bible, Books, Dancing, Wine, Google, Apple, Games, Soccer, Anime, Comics, Drawing, Music, Linking Park, Josh Groban
corecoresolomon’s blog! corecoresolomon’s profile! corecoresolomon’s tfriends! Send corecoresolomon's a tmail!
music, film, books, religion, booze, drugs, etc
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Plants, Anime, Books, Hitting with Sticks, Popcorn, Green Day, Knitting
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Fashion, Animes, books, style, tv shows, musics, teen fiction, magazines, PS2, gameboy and more
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dancing, music, books, peotry
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no doubt, tea, norah jones, coldplay, shopping, movies, gilmore girls, books, msn, fellow insomniacs
cellophanegirl’s blog! cellophanegirl’s profile! cellophanegirl’s tfriends! Send cellophanegirl's a tmail!
film, photography, books, concerts, art, music, fashion, travel
ooogie’s blog! ooogie’s profile! ooogie’s tfriends! Send ooogie's a tmail!
music, books, entertainment, tv, internet, cartoons, RUFFEDGE, KRU, my loveand the list goes on
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books, knives, guns, pens
TheNewLiz’s blog! TheNewLiz’s profile! TheNewLiz’s tfriends! Send TheNewLiz's a tmail!
David Bowie, Angelina Jolie, Fiona Apple, Foxfire, Thirteen, Jennifer Garner, Alias, Music, Movies, Traveling, Friends, Books, Alex Garland, James Patterson, Labyrinth, Judy Garland, Katherine Hepburnshe has my bday, Leonardo Decaprio, The Beach, Welcome to the Dollhouse, and more
ruthless’s blog! ruthless’s profile! ruthless’s tfriends! Send ruthless's a tmail!
jacob chesley, music, friends, playing zebras in ft tent, drawing, hanging out, shows, movies, books, art, having a good time
Fairmoon’s blog! Fairmoon’s profile! Fairmoon’s tfriends! Send Fairmoon's a tmail!
Wicca, Witchcraft, the Craft, Fairies, Dragons, Reiki, Runes, Healing, Crystals, Books, Writing, Art, Physics, Magic, Ritual, Celtic and Norse myth, Myth, Sustainablity, Herbs
monkey718’s blog! monkey718’s profile! monkey718’s tfriends! Send monkey718's a tmail!
computers, movies, anime, books, Army
IRagnarokI’s blog! IRagnarokI’s profile! IRagnarokI’s tfriends! Send IRagnarokI's a tmail!
Books, Gamesanykind, Music, Pc modding
Raganrok’s blog! Raganrok’s profile! Raganrok’s tfriends! Send Raganrok's a tmail!
PC, Games anykind, books, music
KagomeMoon’s blog! KagomeMoon’s profile! KagomeMoon’s tfriends! Send KagomeMoon's a tmail!
tv, books, internet, talking, boy, dramaetc
platinada’s blog! platinada’s profile! platinada’s tfriends! Send platinada's a tmail!
books, cultures
clovescented’s blog! clovescented’s profile! clovescented’s tfriends! Send clovescented's a tmail!
books, music, yoga, tea, cold, empty spaces, art, travel, history, tattoos, writing, knitting
p0rc3lain’s blog! p0rc3lain’s profile! p0rc3lain’s tfriends! Send p0rc3lain's a tmail!
love, stars, letters, sleep, amber, kisses, boyface, eyeliner, music, lilies, roses, poppies, romance, cups of tea, books, sunglasses, vogue, diamonds, fate, guitars, pearls, feminism, sparkles, poetry, pills, rolled cigarettes, etiquette, marzipan, richey edwards, piercings, tatoos, cadillacs, art,
beLLachiKa’s blog! beLLachiKa’s profile! beLLachiKa’s tfriends! Send beLLachiKa's a tmail!
softball, swimming, boys, shopping, movies, books, boys again, and i lurvee my friends
iNdaH’s blog! iNdaH’s profile! iNdaH’s tfriends! Send iNdaH's a tmail!
books, books, books and all the things i can do with them magz w
myristic’s blog! myristic’s profile! myristic’s tfriends! Send myristic's a tmail!
Music, books, internet, travel, nature, beaches, culture, food, current interest in scuba diving
kaneshiro0620’s blog! kaneshiro0620’s profile! kaneshiro0620’s tfriends! Send kaneshiro0620's a tmail!
Books, TV, Internet
SithRat’s blog! SithRat’s profile! SithRat’s tfriends! Send SithRat's a tmail!
books, rats, star wars, cats, video games
alissalauren’s blog! alissalauren’s profile! alissalauren’s tfriends! Send alissalauren's a tmail!
Books, music, friends and family
abishai’s blog! abishai’s profile! abishai’s tfriends! Send abishai's a tmail!
hhHHmmm guiTaR, poETriEs, mUsiC, inTErneT, bOoKs, cELLphon, mY 14, CDs, diaRieS, poEmS, lyRicS, choRds, taBs
kokorosakeme’s blog! kokorosakeme’s profile! kokorosakeme’s tfriends! Send kokorosakeme's a tmail!
anime, manga, Japan, Norse Legendmythology, drawing, writing, rping, world religions, mythology, books
yani’s blog! yani’s profile! yani’s tfriends! Send yani's a tmail!
guitar, Orlando Bloom, Lord of the Rings, music, books
ItsADogsBlog’s blog! ItsADogsBlog’s profile! ItsADogsBlog’s tfriends! Send ItsADogsBlog's a tmail!
Dogs, books, computers, photography, snow skiing, outdoors, nature, children,
TAGadir’s blog! TAGadir’s profile! TAGadir’s tfriends! Send TAGadir's a tmail!
Nature, computers, books, music, cinema, sports, cartoons, art
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videoke, I love singing books, books, books BLOGGING wwwxangacomanyangeni likes watchin, swimming, gymnastics and figure skating malling and window s
NaughtybutNice’s blog! NaughtybutNice’s profile! NaughtybutNice’s tfriends! Send NaughtybutNice's a tmail!
books, writing, basketball, movies, mythology, friends, painting, my homepage
Loadinator’s blog! Loadinator’s profile! Loadinator’s tfriends! Send Loadinator's a tmail!
Anime Naruto, Getbackers, FMA, Fruits basket, Gravitation, etcAnimals, books, ideas
NyExile04’s blog! NyExile04’s profile! NyExile04’s tfriends! Send NyExile04's a tmail!
TV, BOOKS, blah, blah, blah
themarina’s blog! themarina’s profile! themarina’s tfriends! Send themarina's a tmail!
Books, Music, Reading, nin, Anne Rice, Clive Barker, Comics, The Magdalena, Mariza, Portugal, The Matrix, Philosophy, bookcrossing, Coffee, StarTrek
anyothergirl’s blog! anyothergirl’s profile! anyothergirl’s tfriends! Send anyothergirl's a tmail!
a perfect circle, abandoned pools, acoustic guitar, aerosmith, athenaeum, barenaked ladies, ben harper, biking, biochemistry, biology, bon jovi, books, candles, candy, carbs, cats, chemistry, classical, coffee, coldplay, collective soul, counting crows, culture, dance, dave matthews band, default, dishwalla, english, er, evanescence, finger eleven, foo fighters, frank sinatra, fuel, goo goo dolls, gym, history, hoobastank, horse back riding, horses, howie day, incubus, jimmy eat world, john mayer, josh groban, lifehouse, live, local bands, matchbox twenty, matthew good band, music, nickelback, nirvana, norah jones, oasis, olympic diving, opera, our lady peace, ours, pasta, pearl jam, pilate, poetry, political issues, politics, quotes, radiohead, reading, red hot chili pepers, running, seether, seven mary three, sleeping, snow, stabilo, stabilo boss, staggered crossing, staind, starbucks, stereophonics, sublime, swimming, tantric, tea, the juliana theory, the special guests, the strokes, the watchmen, tonic, tori amos, travelling, vertical horizon, what not to wear, wide mouth mason, working out, writing
czkel21’s blog! czkel21’s profile! czkel21’s tfriends! Send czkel21's a tmail!
independent and animated films, photography, music, books, humor comic books, poetry and prose, writing short stories, daydreaming, activism, urbanity, youth, socialism, playing guitar, net surfing, basketball, chess
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Photography, Poem, Business, Books, Musicect
SusanD’s blog! SusanD’s profile! SusanD’s tfriends! Send SusanD's a tmail!
music, art, books, writing, reality TV, movies, snuggling, shopping, shoes, chocolate, wine,
jolicoeur’s blog! jolicoeur’s profile! jolicoeur’s tfriends! Send jolicoeur's a tmail!
singing, opera, writing, drawing, music, reading, scrapbooks, birthdays, pens, blogging, books, letters, parcels, josh groban, mariah carey, charlotte church, john mayer, degrassi the next generation, will grace
sugarcoma’s blog! sugarcoma’s profile! sugarcoma’s tfriends! Send sugarcoma's a tmail!
afi, alanis morissette, all about eve, angelina jolie, angels, animal rights, animated disney films, antiteenies, antiwar, art, ben kweller, bipolar disorder, bipolar, bipolar disorder, bone structure, books, british comedy, canada, cherries, cherry coke, chocolate, cinema, collarbones, comfy clothes, compassion, concerts, converse all stars, curly hair, cutting, dancing, david bowie, david lynch, dazed and confused, deviantart, digital cameras, dogma, dogs, eeyore, elliot smith, email, emptiness, english major, equal rights, fashionista, feminism, fiona apple, francais, funky socks, get fuzzy, grape crush, hair dye, harry potter, hello kitty, hipbones, horror flicks, hugs, ikea, inner peace, insanity, inside jokes, instant messaging, interior design, internet, jk rowling, jack off jill, jawbreaker, jeff buckley, jelly belly, jem, john lennon, johnny depp, johnny rotten, kevin smith, king of the hill, law and order, love, mash, madonna, manic depression, maragritas, margaret atwood, marilyn monroe, masturbation, medication, misery, mix cds, movies, muppets, napping, nine inch nails, northern state, old punk, online journals, openmindedness, peace, people watching, peta, pets, pins, pizza, posters, prochoice, rain, reading, recess the cartoon, records, rose mcgowan, scarling, self expression, selfharm, selfinjury, semiveganism, sex, sex toys, silverchair, simpsons, singing, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smurfs, spongebob squarepants, starvation, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, sugar and spice, tea, the beatles, the city, the simpsons, thrift stores, tori amos, tranquility, used cd stores, veganism, vegetarianism, velour blankets, walmart, water, web development, winter, words, writing
designerstyle’s blog! designerstyle’s profile! designerstyle’s tfriends! Send designerstyle's a tmail!
movies, books, cars, sports, clothes, friends
SillyShay’s blog! SillyShay’s profile! SillyShay’s tfriends! Send SillyShay's a tmail!
boys, music, drums, military, school, sex, goth, journals, traveling, dancing, band, books, tongue rings, tattoos, clothes, civil war, world war 1, world war 2
arbed’s blog! arbed’s profile! arbed’s tfriends! Send arbed's a tmail!
craft, books, riding horses
nike’s blog! nike’s profile! nike’s tfriends! Send nike's a tmail!
music, sports, olympics, animals, wildlife, filmmoviemakin, truckscars, aviation, music instr, computers, sound engineerin, playin d violin, warplanes, wolves, soccer baseball, swimming, art, africa, native american, readin, mythology, vampires, books, internet, EATING, sleeping
DramaMonkey’s blog! DramaMonkey’s profile! DramaMonkey’s tfriends! Send DramaMonkey's a tmail!
music, movies, books, computers, politics, being weird
pixiecrumbs’s blog! pixiecrumbs’s profile! pixiecrumbs’s tfriends! Send pixiecrumbs's a tmail!
Miku super puppy dog, Photography, Faeries, Skin disorders, Flamenco dancing, Catalogs, Shoes, Naps, Mark Ryden, Movies, Music, Japanese food, Painting, Bubble tape, shoes, Old people, Lip gloss, plum wine, smellies, Baby turtles, Fog, Public restroom soap smells, Scotland, MidgetsI mean people of small stature, Glasses, Books, Moss, Boys with messy hair, Garbage picking, Shopping, Vintage erotica, Mr Winkle, Yaffa mud pie, Sanrio, Boxes, Things that sparkle, Toys, Taco Cabana, Midnight tea parties
phoenyx’s blog! phoenyx’s profile! phoenyx’s tfriends! Send phoenyx's a tmail!
programming, computers, internet, books, music, movies

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