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cartoons, anime, naruto, negima?!, yue ayase, nodoka miyazaki, hinata hyuuga, neji hyuuga, kissu (beet), milfa (beet), beet the vandel buster, germany, fanfictions, writing, reading, music, J-pop, etc., etc., ETC!!!
sampulsuratkelabu’s blog! sampulsuratkelabu’s profile! sampulsuratkelabu’s tfriends! Send sampulsuratkelabu's a tmail!
..daki gunung, jalan2 makan angin, teh tarik, cartoons, shopping kasut..hehe
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music, sports, movies, cartoons, fun stuff, juvenile related activities, religion, books, learning
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Music, Gwen Stefani, Constantine Maroulis, Aerosmith, Celine Dion, Movies, Star Wars, Animals, Cartoons, Happy Bunny stuff, Oopsy Daisy stuff, Wrist Bands, Fishing, Camping, Boating, Swimming, Amusement parks, Arcades, Bowling, Stonecrest Mall, WWE, Spencers, Hot topic, Unicorns, Dragons, Trolls, Pegasus, Asian Men, incense, candles, herbs, Motorcycles, Hamsters, Cartoons Dolls, Anime, Manga, Pray for the soul of betty, Los Lonely Boys, Sanrio, SanX, Appleseed DVD, Video games, Sega Gamegear, Any old game players, Nintendo, All the Gameboy players, Pirates, Johnny Depp, Billy Zane, Simon Cowell, American Idol, Collects stuff of Brandon Lee crow, Simpsons, Nightmare before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and anything Constantine Maroulis, I also Collect DragonsI have a lot more interest a
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cartoons, anime, PS2
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goth culture, punk culture, fairytalemystical creatures, art, music, anime, cartoons, comics
Kanu’s blog! Kanu’s profile! Kanu’s tfriends! Send Kanu's a tmail!
I like webdesigning, computers, watching good movies, cartoons, anime, cute stuff, reading, sleeping etc
josmithmedina’s blog! josmithmedina’s profile! josmithmedina’s tfriends! Send josmithmedina's a tmail!
Politics, Economics, Foods, Cartoons, Mr bean, Books, Television, and sound trip
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music, books, entertainment, tv, internet, cartoons, RUFFEDGE, KRU, my loveand the list goes on
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a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, abandoned pools, alice in chains, all apologies, aneurysm, anime, astrology, audioslave, band, bass, ben shepherd, billy corgan, bleach, blood, bob marley, bradley nowell, bush, cake, candles, candy, cartoons, chocolate, chris cornell, chuck taylors, concerts, corey taylor, cowboy bebop, dave grohl, dave parsons, daydream nation, deftones, dirty, drums, eat, eddie vedder, family guy, fender, foo fighters, food, friends, full metal jacket, gavin rossdale, gir, grunge, guitar picks, guitars, guns, hamsters, heavier than heaven, humanistic, i feel sick, ibanez, in utero, invader zim, jag stang, janis joplin, jhonen vasquez, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, jonathan davis, jthm, kevin smith, kill bill, kim gordon, kim thayil, knives, korn, krist novoselic, kurt cobain, lvbd, layne staley, led zeppelin, live music, love, marilyn manson, milk it, moonlight, mosh pits, movies, music, nevermind, nigel pulsford, nightmares, nin, nirvana, nostalgia, office space, paper cup exit, pattern recognition, pearl jam, pink floyd, poetry, puddles, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rain, rats, red hot chili peppers, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, resident evil, rx queen, scarface, sharp objects, siamese dream, singing, sixteen stone, sleep, slipknot, sliverchair, smashing pumpkins, something in the way, songwriting, sonic nurse, sonic youth, soundgarden, south park, squee, stanley kubrick, stars, start over, stone temple pilots, stones, stratocaster, sublime, tacos, the beatles, the doors, the nightmare before christmas, the scary monkey show, the simpsons, thom yorke, thurston moore, tim burton, tommy walter, tool, tv, verse chorus verse, washing machine, zero
caprisco’s blog! caprisco’s profile! caprisco’s tfriends! Send caprisco's a tmail!
grafix, cartoons, flash animation, sketching, music, computer
TAGadir’s blog! TAGadir’s profile! TAGadir’s tfriends! Send TAGadir's a tmail!
Nature, computers, books, music, cinema, sports, cartoons, art
LossOfSanity’s blog! LossOfSanity’s profile! LossOfSanity’s tfriends! Send LossOfSanity's a tmail!
40 below summer, 4wheeling, aaliyah, acdc, adema, alaniss morisette, animals, anything quinton, aqua, art, bad religion, barefeet, beastie boys, better then chocolate, bi sexuality, boondock saints, booze, bubble baths, buffy, bush, candles, cartoons, cheese, cindy lauper, climbing trees, coca cola, collective soul, concerts, counting crows, dance, danzig, daria, deadwood, disturbed, drowning pool, drugs, dry cell, eminem, enya, er, feul, final fantasy7, fiona apple, flogging molly, fox fire, frank sinatra, garbage, gim blossoms, girls, glitter, godsmack, greenday, guttermouth, gwar, hackers, hair dye, him, hole, hot action cop, jack off jill, jewel, kidney theives, kittie, kmfdm, korn, la luna, lauryn hill, legos, linkin park, live, lords of acid, madonna, manson, merril baindbridge, metallica, missy elliot, moonlight, movies, msi, mudvayne, music, my raven, nin, no doubt, nofx, offspring, oliva, pat benatar, pennywise, pills, pink, prince, pulp fiction, rain, rammstein, rancid, rats, ren and stimpy, rob zombie, seether, sex, sheryl crow, shiney stuff, silver makeup, silverchair, simpsons, slc punk, slipknot, snake river conspiracy, sneaker pimps, soft cell, soil, stlouis rams, stained, static x, strip clubs, sugarcult, sutra, system of a down, tank girl, tapping the vein, the distillers, the living end, the pretenders, tricky, videogames, violence, whitee stripes, working out, zeromancer
MiffyTheMuffin’s blog! MiffyTheMuffin’s profile! MiffyTheMuffin’s tfriends! Send MiffyTheMuffin's a tmail!
a perfect circle, adult swim, afi, all types of music, anime, antiavril, antibush, antilables, antisterotypes, aqua teen hunger force, audioslave, beastie boys, being random, billy martin, blink182, boots, boys, boys in makeup, braclets, carebears, cartoons, case closed, christina aguilera, clothes, colors, cowboy bebop, cutting, dancing, dashboard confessional, davey havok, daydreaming, disturbed, drawing, drawing hearts and stars, drawnon eyebrows, fairies, fairly odd parents, fake hair, family guy, fantasy, fat kitties, flipflops, funky socks, gay boys, girliness, girly rock, glitter, guitar, gwen stefani, hal sparks, hamsters, happy bunny, hearts, hello kitty, home movies, homosexuality, hoobastank, incubus, inuyasha, invader zim, janes addiction, johnny depp, kitties, lollipops, madonna, makeup, making fun of people, modest mouse, my buddies, nerd, new found glory, nirvana, no doubt, pandas, pictures, piercings, pillows, poppunk, quizilla, rainbows, rap, rock, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, sealab 2021, selfinjury, shoes, shopping, slash fiction, small fuzzy animals, south park, stars, stuffed animals, suicide, taking pictures of myself, talking, talking to myself, tattoos, the distillers, three days grace, tom delonge, tongue piercings, vampires, video games, wigs, yeah yeah yeahs, yelling
Atomsk’s blog! Atomsk’s profile! Atomsk’s tfriends! Send Atomsk's a tmail!
Video Games, Computers, Hiking, Camping, Dancing, Music Mixing, Video editing, Photography, Cartoons
bloodpet’s blog! bloodpet’s profile! bloodpet’s tfriends! Send bloodpet's a tmail!
PERL, Linux, BSD, GNU, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, Tux, Deftones, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Paradise Lost, Operations Research, atheism, Kafka, Euler, Von Neumann, Nash, Gaiman, google, Pooh, Tao, Wicca, userfriendlyorg, Magic the Gathering, cartoons, mp3, ogg, wma,
hachimitsu’s blog! hachimitsu’s profile! hachimitsu’s tfriends! Send hachimitsu's a tmail!
afi, amiga, angelic layer, anime, arm socks, astrology, avoidant, avoidant personality disorder, backpacks, badtz maru, being cute, bell bottoms, bishonen, bishounen, blink 182, bracelets, bunnies, cabbits, candy, care bears, cartoons, cellphones, cherries, chobits, clothes, colours, cookies, cosplay, costumes, creativity, cuteness, dance dance revolution, daydreaming, di gi charat, doujin, doujinshi, dressing up, elegant gothic lolita, emulation, emulators, excel saga, fanart, fashion, fear, flcl, folder5, fruits, furi kuri, gal, gameboy, games, hamtaro, happiness, hello kitty, icons, japan, japanese, jpop, kaolla su, kawaii, kawaiiness, kera, keychains, kyrandia, laptops, loose socks, love hina, manga, mini skirts, minimoni, monkey island, monster fur, morning musume, mp3s, music, nintendo, painting, paintshop, pandas, para para paradise, parodius, pig tails, pin badges, pitaten, platform boots, platforms, playstation, plushies, pocket bells, pocky, pony tails, pop n music, pretty sami, pretty sammy, puni puni poemi, rainbows, rungun, ryoohki, sailor suits, sanrio, school uniforms, sewing, shopping, shops, shyness, social anxiety, social phobia, sparkles, spirits, supernatural, tare panda, tenchi muyo, the internet, therapy, tokyo mew mew, tv, ufo catchers, video games, winds
seffram’s blog! seffram’s profile! seffram’s tfriends! Send seffram's a tmail!
drawing, cartoons, computers, blogs, nature, animals
munique’s blog! munique’s profile! munique’s tfriends! Send munique's a tmail!
poetry, punk, cartoons, basketball, the moon, rain, gothic culture
olinda’s blog! olinda’s profile! olinda’s tfriends! Send olinda's a tmail!
music, read, laws, politic, Roma, Grecia, history, pubs, eighties, new wave, music western, Ennio Morricone, Speak french, spanish and english, internet, cartoons, weezer, depeche mode, new order, Music 80s, The Strokes, Cold play, Eros Ramazzoti, rock, punk, etc I like footbol, tennis, fronton, pubs dancing, smoke marlboro, Italy, Germany, France, Pastas, etc
Austinian’s blog! Austinian’s profile! Austinian’s tfriends! Send Austinian's a tmail!
Cartoons, Computers, Net, Music
SilentScreams’s blog! SilentScreams’s profile! SilentScreams’s tfriends! Send SilentScreams's a tmail!
afi, anime, cartoons, cosplay, drawing, final fantasy x, food, fruits baskets, gamecube, harry potter, king of bandit jing, koda kumi, lord of the rings, manga, naruto, penguins, ps2, ramen, rurouni kenshin, saiyuki, shaman king, softball, the pillows, trigun, utada hikaru, video games, SSX 3
soxatm’s blog! soxatm’s profile! soxatm’s tfriends! Send soxatm's a tmail!
cartoons, film, literature, art, politics, cooking, music, history, science, computers,
abeldiaz’s blog! abeldiaz’s profile! abeldiaz’s tfriends! Send abeldiaz's a tmail!
Comic books, sex, booze, pulp, cartoons, video games, sex, booze, etc
sarahbea’s blog! sarahbea’s profile! sarahbea’s tfriends! Send sarahbea's a tmail!
Music, Soccer, Drinking heavily, Going to the beach, Hanging out with friends, School, Teaching, Learning, Boys, Toys, Kittens, Cartoons, TV, Beer
DamonAlbarnChix’s blog! DamonAlbarnChix’s profile! DamonAlbarnChix’s tfriends! Send DamonAlbarnChix's a tmail!
Blur, cartoons, comics, anime, manga, Gorillaz, art, comdey, improv
Gormlet’s blog! Gormlet’s profile! Gormlet’s tfriends! Send Gormlet's a tmail!
Pinback, PiNK, Sevendust, Cheer Up Emo Kid, Incubus, Zero 7, Time Spent Driving, The Jarflys, The Get Up Kids, Eleventeen, Ozma, The White Stripes, Bleach, Everclear, Pink Floyd, Jason Mraz, The Skate Party, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Kazoo, Vocal Chords, Boyfriend, Weezer, Memento, Chachi, FRIENDS, Will and Grace, The Oblongs, The Family Guy, Home Movies, Adult Swim, Cartoons, Anime, Modern Art, listening to cell phone conversations, riding in elevators, smelling the snails, smoking cloves, reading, smelling good, showers, portable phones, baths, Dax Pomerantz, my friends, hanging out in Borders, hating Rachel Bates with all of my SOUL


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