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Hanging out, watching t.v., writing, family, and friends.
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Sports soccer, tennis, hockey, etc, Music, Movies, Parties, Hanging out, anything outdoors, anything fun
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dance, music, billiards, design, swimming, suntanning, reading, writing, daydreaming, hanging out, bleeding, sniping, tarot
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hanging out, drinking, making out, listening to music, pissing around and annoying my enemies
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Languages, ancient history, Egypt, Travelling, Music, Book, rock band, romantic, movies, people, hanging out, shopping, traveling, reading, wisconsin, thailand, bangkok, swimming, muskegon, michigan, French, France, Hilary Duff, Phuket, Uganda, Stephen King, Lemony Snicket, Michael Phelps, MP3, Mobile, cell phone, love, romantic, romance, Egyptology, university, college, high school, amsterdam, laos, travel, muse, simple plan, good charlotte, the killers, sum 41, beyonce, The Game, Tata Young
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133 1208, 1song2many, 3 days grace, a promise ring, a static lullaby, acoustic, adio shoes, affection, alkaline trio, all american rejects, amber pacific, amys stepdad, antiflag, auto pilot off, batman, bayside, being happy, being random, between home and serenity, blasting music, blink 182, bouncing souls, box car racer, boys, brand new, chronic future, chucks, coldplay, concerts, crazy earrings, cuddling, daphne loves darby, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, denver harbor, down to earth approach, drums, early november, emery, emo, eve 6, exploding dog, eyeliner, eyes, eyeshadow, fall out boy, fight club, finch, fire, friends, from first to last, funny movies, garden state, goodbye skyline, green, hanging out, harvy rip, hawthorne heights, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, hoobastank, hugs, icons, incubus, inside jokes, jersey, jimmy eat world, kisses, laughing, letter kills, life, lightweight holiday, lip piercings boys drools, losing team, lost prophets, mac makeup, mark tom and travis, matchbook romance, maxeen, melee, mest, midtown, monsoon season, motion city soundtrack, music, my american heart, my chemical romance, name taken, near miss, nofx, pink, ponchos, pulley, rain, relient k, rings, rock, saosin, self against city, shows, silverstien, slick shoes, smashing pumpkins, smile empty soul, smiles, something corporate, sparkly stuff, spitalfield, starbucks, starting line, starts, storms, story of the year, stutterfly, sugarcult, sum 41, sunsets, taking back sunday, taking pictures, the early november, the goonies, the hurt process, the killers, the matches, the spill canvas, the used, three days grace, thursday, try failing, vans, vendetta red, warm hugs,
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music, having fun, etcswimming, hanging out, concerts, and love Sunsetsetc
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Movie, Talking, meeting new people, hanging out, talking on the Computer
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Singing, hanging out, writing
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Singing, Dancing, Writing, poetry, Hanging out, Basket ball, Volleyball, lol, theres probably more but i cant think of them
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reading, writing, singing, Harry Potter, watching TV shows Veroinca Mars, Life as we know it, That 70s Show, music, hanging out, friends, and sleeping
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jacob chesley, music, friends, playing zebras in ft tent, drawing, hanging out, shows, movies, books, art, having a good time
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Dancing, Friends, Hanging Out, sports, My CaR
babygrl300’s blog! babygrl300’s profile! babygrl300’s tfriends! Send babygrl300's a tmail!
cheerleading, singing, dancing, drawing, chilling, hanging out, and most of all, looking good 247
akittleson’s blog! akittleson’s profile! akittleson’s tfriends! Send akittleson's a tmail!
Volleyball, Friends, School, Hanging out, Time with my family
Bekabaka’s blog! Bekabaka’s profile! Bekabaka’s tfriends! Send Bekabaka's a tmail!
friends, family, clarinet, ddr, painting, final fantasy, hanging out, rollercoasters, Israel, marching band, chronic future, movies, music, having fun, food, shoes, animals, ice cream,
spokinwordz’s blog! spokinwordz’s profile! spokinwordz’s tfriends! Send spokinwordz's a tmail!
Dancing, Creative writitng, Writing, shopping, hanging out
Stephie’s blog! Stephie’s profile! Stephie’s tfriends! Send Stephie's a tmail!
Boyz, Gymnastics, Dating, Movies, Basketball, Guyz, Friends, Hanging out, and making out P
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Writing, reading, listening to country and rock music, watching tv, sending postcards, hanging out
beachbum91’s blog! beachbum91’s profile! beachbum91’s tfriends! Send beachbum91's a tmail!
Surfing, tanning, hanging out, talking with friends, boys, flirting, beach volleyball, Jake, all my friends, chillin like fillin, shopping, spending money, looking great, laughing, writing music, listening to music
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deltoids, markers, Bible, Coke, Pink, necklaces, lip gloss, April, Christianity, photos, roses, hanging out, Old Spaghetti Factory, rollerblading, shooting hoops
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music, movies, clothes, eating, sleeping, hanging out, barhopping, etc
Kurupt’s blog! Kurupt’s profile! Kurupt’s tfriends! Send Kurupt's a tmail!
Web Design, Hanging Out
Addicted2drama’s blog! Addicted2drama’s profile! Addicted2drama’s tfriends! Send Addicted2drama's a tmail!
Cheerleading, Rock music, Hanging out, shopping, being crazy, causing drama, etc
Logitech’s blog! Logitech’s profile! Logitech’s tfriends! Send Logitech's a tmail!
Internet, Girls, Video Games, Forums, Mountain Biking, Hanging Out, Friends, Violin
CrystalPhoenix’s blog! CrystalPhoenix’s profile! CrystalPhoenix’s tfriends! Send CrystalPhoenix's a tmail!
Music, anime, manga, sports, videogames, hanging out, sleeping, being me
frozenxaero’s blog! frozenxaero’s profile! frozenxaero’s tfriends! Send frozenxaero's a tmail!
PlaYinG ComP GamEz, HaNgInG OuT, MoZ of MyH InTerEsTz r UsUaLLy BoIz InTerEsTz
Fishieflower’s blog! Fishieflower’s profile! Fishieflower’s tfriends! Send Fishieflower's a tmail!
hanging out, chatting online, going shopping, being with my boyfriend, reading mostly fantasy right now, writing, animals and some other stuff
charlottewing’s blog! charlottewing’s profile! charlottewing’s tfriends! Send charlottewing's a tmail!
cooking, singing, standup comedy, hanging out, smoking cigarettes, listening to music, making people i dont know feel uncomfortable for n, talking to homeless people
username’s blog! username’s profile! username’s tfriends! Send username's a tmail!
talking to new ppl, rambling, shopping, movies, MUSIC, hanging out, stupid funny movies, working with the hottest guy ever, running around town with my friends doing nothing, daydreaming, writting songs, and singing
nikpb’s blog! nikpb’s profile! nikpb’s tfriends! Send nikpb's a tmail!
shopping, swimming, cheerleading, chatting with friends, hanging out, listening to music, going to the mall, playing volleyball, going 2 church
miSsinPauL’s blog! miSsinPauL’s profile! miSsinPauL’s tfriends! Send miSsinPauL's a tmail!
shopping, talking, hanging out
KAmbrose’s blog! KAmbrose’s profile! KAmbrose’s tfriends! Send KAmbrose's a tmail!
Freestyling, writing songs, drawing, hanging out, making that, etc
Jezzy’s blog! Jezzy’s profile! Jezzy’s tfriends! Send Jezzy's a tmail!
playing baseball, hanging out, reading, writing poems, bike riding, listening to music, surfing da net, talking to friends
MinikoMusume400’s blog! MinikoMusume400’s profile! MinikoMusume400’s tfriends! Send MinikoMusume400's a tmail!
Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Art, Painting, Drawing, Skecthing, Writing, Filming, swimming, hanging out, listening to music, danceing, singing, ect
fallinangel8587’s blog! fallinangel8587’s profile! fallinangel8587’s tfriends! Send fallinangel8587's a tmail!
Hanging out, wood work, crafts, music, my boyfriend, anything else thats new and interesting
kbhall05’s blog! kbhall05’s profile! kbhall05’s tfriends! Send kbhall05's a tmail!
hanging out, watching movies, listening to music SoCo, Dashboard Confessional, Maroon 5, chilling at the beach, cheerleading
justanotherface’s blog! justanotherface’s profile! justanotherface’s tfriends! Send justanotherface's a tmail!
walks, rain, friends, guitar, concerts, shopping, the beach, hanging out, ranicd, nofx, antiflag, rise against, operation ivy, ramones, dead kennedys, thought riot, bad religion, punk rock
NeoBaby’s blog! NeoBaby’s profile! NeoBaby’s tfriends! Send NeoBaby's a tmail!
Watching movies, acting, dancing, singing, listening to music, writing, photography, going out and just having fun, talking with my friends, shopping, hanging out, going out to eat, reading
surfergirl’s blog! surfergirl’s profile! surfergirl’s tfriends! Send surfergirl's a tmail!
Drinking, hanging out, volleyball, soccer, the beach, good conversation, music, flirting, sex
acire187’s blog! acire187’s profile! acire187’s tfriends! Send acire187's a tmail!
basketball, music, movies, guy, gurls, tv, hanging out
Garrett’s blog! Garrett’s profile! Garrett’s tfriends! Send Garrett's a tmail!
Surfing, skatboarding, snowboarding, biking, snowskating, hanging out, drumming, music, and more
orgaso’s blog! orgaso’s profile! orgaso’s tfriends! Send orgaso's a tmail!
becky, friends, flying, hanging out, pictures, bowling, raves, clubs, parties, alcohol, party games, crazy people, graham norton, romantic films, comedies, phone, tv, computer, mcdonalds, guys, girls, bisexuals, open minded people, silver jewellery, sharp objects, online friends, football, liverpool, Micheal Owen, judo, air cadets, air shows, Eastenders, mine and beckys creations, Coronation Street, bounce baby, Ben Affleck, writing, reading, air hockey, ice skating, Birthdays, Christmas, chocolate, sweets, chips, pizza, ice buns, Mr Owen, hot guys, more hot guys, naked guys, more naked guys, nice people, sweet people, Florida, Jamaica, iom people, travelling, camping, fudgey, family, all friends, ummm videos, popcorn, food fights, fun sports, paintballing, porn, lesbians, Jordan, Jodie, girls and boys show, size FF, blogging, website building, laughing at stupid people, pop, rock, rb, hip hop, heavy metal, dance, facepic, faceparty, hotornot, jackass, dream team, hot tubs, water fights, foam, whipped cream, sex toys, dildos, vibrators, more sex toys, masturbation, more masturbation, wild masturbation, yoga, school pe, fitness, gym, swimming, bikini shopping, clothes shopping, more shopping, money, more shopping with lots of money, the sims, poetry, depressing poetry, happy faces, graphics table you guys rule, diet coke, cocatail sausages, more incy wincy, more sally and suzzi, ice cream, crime stories, flight aviation and navigation, talking, listning, cookie jar, shoes, very very short skirts, lingere wohooo, stripey socks, nice presents, jeans, spray paint, graffiti, cheese, new people, cybering, phone sex, vibrations, the school minibus, webcams, more porn, photo albums, more parties and raves and clubs, more alcohol, riding in cars with guys, beach houses, bahamas, scuba diving, jet skiing, water skiing, the 1 o clock news, rulers, the number 8, england football team, world cup, capital of culture, sketchers, french connection, pool parties, volleyball, self defence, dancing, more dancing, rave dancing, mine and beckys dancing, dirrrrrrttyy dancing, grease lightning, you, you, you, you, and you, mwah, hugglez, smoochie smoochie
Poopie’s blog! Poopie’s profile! Poopie’s tfriends! Send Poopie's a tmail!
soccer, internet, talking on the fone, hanging out, watchin movies wif frends, and alot more thingshehehe
monkeedevil15’s blog! monkeedevil15’s profile! monkeedevil15’s tfriends! Send monkeedevil15's a tmail!
bowling, softball, swimming, volleyball, basketball, hanging out, shopping, and aol
StolenLife’s blog! StolenLife’s profile! StolenLife’s tfriends! Send StolenLife's a tmail!
Hanging out, watching movies, dancing, listening to music, Ben Harper, daises, chocolate, MALL, reading, writing poetry, laughing, having a good time, etc
emotus7’s blog! emotus7’s profile! emotus7’s tfriends! Send emotus7's a tmail!
BitchINglolX, hanging out, going to beaches
Cubiee’s blog! Cubiee’s profile! Cubiee’s tfriends! Send Cubiee's a tmail!
shopping, hanging out, dancing, tennis, ice skating
goldnREBchick’s blog! goldnREBchick’s profile! goldnREBchick’s tfriends! Send goldnREBchick's a tmail!
party, cheer, punk, prep, music, movies, skaters, guys, beach, sun, talking, summer, hanging out, friends, doing nothing
EchosDream’s blog! EchosDream’s profile! EchosDream’s tfriends! Send EchosDream's a tmail!
yoga, music, blogs, writing, hanging out, shopping, DDR, video games, chatting, unicorns, life, philosophy, books, harry potter, lord of the rings, the mists of avalon, mythology, politics, studying
spunky_courts’s blog! spunky_courts’s profile! spunky_courts’s tfriends! Send spunky_courts's a tmail!
anything fun, cheer, music, punk, prep, beach, summer, talkin online, hanging out, dancing, party, friends,


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