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NAPALM DEATH, rocky horror picture show, afi, anberlin, art, Panic at the disco, disco, techno, gummies, furries, atom and his package, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bauhaus, being a bitch, black sabbath, bleeding through, blood brothers, cake, chicks on speed, daft punk, dead kennedys, deadsy, depeche mode, drop dead fred, emery, jrock, eyeliner, fall out boy, felix da housecat, final fantasy, foreign languages, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, garbage, grammar, guitars, gym class heroes, gypsies, him, Himsa, hidden in plain view, high lord, hoodies, horrorpops, hot hot heat, in flames, interpol, jack off jill, kill hannah, lacuna coil, le tigre, les georges leningrad, lesbians on ecstacy, lime green, lola ray, making up words, malice mizer, metric, misery signals, misfits, miss kitten, music, ours, pennies, photography, body modification Not plastic surgery, that bugs me, reading, rammstein, razorlight, remembering never, saosin, sarcasm, scissor sisters, screaming, senses fail, shiny toy guns, silverstein, siouxsie the banshees, skinny puppy, slayer, soft cell, straylight run, taking the fall, the academy is, the bled, the blood brothers, the bravery, the casualties, the fitness, the futureheads, the hives, the matches, the servos, the shins, the unicorns, the used, tiger army, tim burton, underoath, unearth, violent femmes, weezer, writing, bikini kill, violence, SISTERS OF MERCY
PieJunkie’s blog! PieJunkie’s profile! PieJunkie’s tfriends! Send PieJunkie's a tmail!
Anime, manga, yaoi, yuri, video games, Jpop, Jrock, zombies, poems, computers
kentaro’s blog! kentaro’s profile! kentaro’s tfriends! Send kentaro's a tmail!
Jpop, Jrock, anime, manga, drawing
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anime, manga, jpop, jrock, games like ragnarok, sims etc
obscurityxx’s blog! obscurityxx’s profile! obscurityxx’s tfriends! Send obscurityxx's a tmail!
Dir en grey, Miyavi, Gazette, MUCC, D, CaliGAri, X Japan, Jrock, food, sleeping, computers, Gackt, Kanji, traveling, anime, manga, tv, jpop
mzjacquee’s blog! mzjacquee’s profile! mzjacquee’s tfriends! Send mzjacquee's a tmail!
Art, baths, black, coldness, daydreams, dictionaries, Dr Peppers, drawing, internet, jrock, Justin, KiSS dolls, phtographing, PS2, quiet thinking, reading, shades of red, sleeping, sneaking out, soft pillows, solitude, sour gummy worms, tigers, web designing, and writing
Hidekiri’s blog! Hidekiri’s profile! Hidekiri’s tfriends! Send Hidekiri's a tmail!
Japan, Final Fantasy, JRock, Rurouni Kenshin, Anime, Videogames, Squall Lionhart
honnou’s blog! honnou’s profile! honnou’s tfriends! Send honnou's a tmail!
dir en grey, morning musume, ayumi hamasaki, harry potter, ai takahashi, namie amuro, japan, kagerou, kagrra, due le quartz, jrock, jpop
chihei’s blog! chihei’s profile! chihei’s tfriends! Send chihei's a tmail!
Jrock, Japanese movies, Glove collecting, Reading, Wrieting, Paining, Hat collecting, just plain collecting stuff, Music
HigureKoishii’s blog! HigureKoishii’s profile! HigureKoishii’s tfriends! Send HigureKoishii's a tmail!
Jrock, Anime, Mangs, Pretties
Kaichan’s blog! Kaichan’s profile! Kaichan’s tfriends! Send Kaichan's a tmail!
jrock, jrock, Dir en grey, Miyavi, Malice Mizer, Dasein, anime, manga, yaoi, slash, card captor sakura, Cowboy bebop, Saiyuke, gravitation, FAKE, Under the glass moon, Visual Kei, Gothic Lolita, Japan, fashion, chatting, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XI, graphics, photography, Fan Fiction, Kare Kano, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, Fruits Basket, Earthian, art, interior design, Glay, Pierrot, Hide, Hyde, Gackt, Morning Musume, jpop, Koda Kumi, Kinki Kids, rain, Finch, Atticus, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Disney Movies, Disney, Digital Photography, Photo Shoots, Victorian clothing, galleria, ORANGE, apples, Kanji, Kyo, Shinya, literature, candy, lolipops, Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, ice cream, fan art, Escaflowne, Demon Diary, Hair Styles, hair color, Wish, Clamp, XDay, rock music, The Sounds, The Calling, Matthew Good Band, blankets, Friends, Will and Grace, motorcycles, local bands, houston meetups, ezboard, Message boards, ghosts, ghost hunting, 1337, Mega Tokyo, Real Life, writing, decoratiing, stuffed animals, Pucca, garu, Korean Cartoons, cute fluffly things, neato cellphone rings, history, ancient egypt, Europe, backpacking, touring, Art museums, operas, plays, Modern Art, Pop Art, Art Walks, The Strand, galveston, nancy drew, Lemony Snicket, Sabriel, Lirael, The Seventh Tower, The Blue Sword, The hero and the crown, cherry coke, sprite, bright lights, christmas light, summer, spring, flowers, cherry blossoms, for get me nots, gardening, strawberrys, cooking, asian cooking, desserts, drama club, art club, photography club, Battle Royale, japanese films, japanese horror films, japanese historical films, horror movies, romance movies, Orlando Bloom, Indianna Jones, ice sculptures, shiney things, pin ups, Due le quartz, Psycho le cemu, Blast, Gauze, Vulgar, Missa, nicknames, Crystal Eyes, diets, gamecube, ps2, nintendo, gameboy, DDR, Wild Arms, Zelda, The SIms, Resident Evil, chatting, Roleplaying, RPing, Plastic Tree, Ryuutarou, Dasien, Glay, Boowy, Baroque, TM Revolution, japanese, Polysics, Hiro, Super Happy Fun Land, Gauze, Macabre, Kisou, Neu, kanji,
tessa1’s blog! tessa1’s profile! tessa1’s tfriends! Send tessa1's a tmail!
Manga, anime, drawing, ska, punk, japanese, visual kei, jrock
diru’s blog! diru’s profile! diru’s tfriends! Send diru's a tmail!
JRock, JPop, Visual Kei, Music, DIR EN GREY, going out, festivals, concerts, being clean
seraph2015’s blog! seraph2015’s profile! seraph2015’s tfriends! Send seraph2015's a tmail!
3 doors down, 80s music, alice 19th, amidamaru, amon, anime, aragorn, arima soichirou, asaba hideaki, audio adrenaline, ayashi no ceres, band nerds, bishounen, boy meets world, csi, chocolate, clarinet, coen brothers movies, cosmo, cowboy bebop, creed, dave matthews band, dilbert, dir en grey, dom, eric matthews, evanesence, everybody loves raymond, fairly oddparents, finding nemo, five for fighting, friends, fruits basket, fushigi yugi, gaming, good charlotte, gummy worms, haibane renmei, halo, hamasaki ayumi, hatake kakashi, hayashibara megumi, hibiki ryouga, inuyasha, jrock, jack sparrow, jars of clay, jelly bellies, johnny depp, kana, kare kano, kevin max, knuckles, kouga, kutless, kyo wakamiya, largo, life with louie, linkin park, manga, mechanical pencils, megatokyo, miyazaki movies, mononokehime, monsters inc, movies, naruto, newsboys, nuriko, one piece, online comics, pod, penguins, perfect dark, pirates of the caribbean, pixar movies, pocky, raising arizona, ranma 12, relient k, rock music, roronoa zoro, rurouni kenshin, sanosuke sagara, seinfeld, seraphim, serial experiments lain, sesshomaru, shaman king, shrek, skillet, skittles, sohma hatori, sohma kyo, sohma shigure, sonic the hedgehog, spiderman 2, spike spiegel, spirited away, starbursts, super mario, switchfoot, tekken 4, tenchi muuyo, the castle of cagliostro, the nightmare before christmas, the pillows, the seatbelts, the wedding singer, three doors down, tim burton movies, tom brady, tooya, train, trigun, uchiha sasuke, witch hunter robin, wolfwood, xmen, yoko kanno, youth groups, zelda
Yoshimi’s blog! Yoshimi’s profile! Yoshimi’s tfriends! Send Yoshimi's a tmail!
anime, food, ramen, drawing, pocky, naruto, shaman king, saiyuki, inuyasha, furikuri, trigun, cowboy bebop, jpop, jrock, ayumi hamasaki, megumi hayashibara, BoA, siam shade, shonen jump, hikaru no go, king of bandit jing, fake, dnangel, tokyo babylon, samurai deeper kyo, love hina, yugioh, rurouni kenshin, yuyuhakusho, zoids, hack, blue seed, cardcaptor sakura, chitchana yukitsukai sugar, video games, final fantasy x, final fantasy x2, dance dance revolution, fatal frame, tenchi muyo, sailor moon, manga, one piece, fruits basket, yoh asakura, tao ren, kyo sohma, shigure sohma, son goku, sasuke uchiha, uzumaki naruto, haruna sakura, yaoi, samurai deeper kyo, gravitation
Akki’s blog! Akki’s profile! Akki’s tfriends! Send Akki's a tmail!
Dir en Grey, Jrock, manga, anime and more
Orenji’s blog! Orenji’s profile! Orenji’s tfriends! Send Orenji's a tmail!
singing, dancing, rapping, writing lyrics, orange, jpop, jrock, Lead, FLAME, Winds, Hamasaki Ayumi, Tamaki Nami, BoA, RUNGUN, fasion, sleep, fun ppl,
museikaosu’s blog! museikaosu’s profile! museikaosu’s tfriends! Send museikaosu's a tmail!
YuGiOh, InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, anime, manga, Ceres, Scryed, Cowboy Bebop, Rebirth, Chobits, drawing, comptuers, internet, HTML, JRock, Gackt, Malice Mizer, Utada Hikaru, Ryou Bakura angst fanfics, and lots lots more
deathangel’s blog! deathangel’s profile! deathangel’s tfriends! Send deathangel's a tmail!
chobits, gundam wing, anime, jpop, jrock, trigun, dbz, angel sanctuary, fushigi yuugi


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