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parties, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading shopping, hanging out with alisha-katelynn-savannah, listening to music, gymnastics, hip hop dancin classes, and GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~**vIcToR
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Parties, the beach, animals, watching soccer games on tvreal madrid, volleyball, tennis, swimming, chatting, hanging out with friends and going to the movies, eating chocolate, shopping, doing weird adventurous things, traveling, and so many things more because im that kind of pe
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guyz, parties, eating, sleeping with and without partners, horse riding, themeparks, the beachtotal beach bum and of corse GUYZ
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movies, parties, music, travelling, swimming,
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music, metal, writing, webdesign, photography, parties, afterbars, anything organic, friends, clubs, shpping, serial killers, reading, books, makeup, spiritual material, boys myself ha, ha jk
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Sports soccer, tennis, hockey, etc, Music, Movies, Parties, Hanging out, anything outdoors, anything fun
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anti nowhere league, big things, dancing, drama, fingers, flirting, food, friends, guys, irony, jeans, lips, loudness, love, movement, music, napoleon dynamite, parties, passion, people, quietness, randomness, sad songs, solitude, teasing, thinking, tricking, understanding, weird al, weird movies, weird songs, anything weird, whales, wwe
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dirt biking, gokarting, cheesecake, swimming, track and field, volleyball, music, friends, parties, fun, hot guys, shopping, phone, fun, relaxed, movies, restruants, camping, dancing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, single skiing, skiing, boogie boarding, beach, San Diego
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runnin, playing the violin, parties, drinking, smoking, listening to music, hanging out with my man1
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Friends, family, internet, writing, reading, piano, swimming, tennis, UCSD, snowboarding, Coldstones, InNOut, shopping, beach, photography, gym, sleeping, movies, offroading, parties, dancing, drawing
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shopping, music, parties, movies, old school music, having fun with rose, BEING CRAZY
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surfing, drinking, hanging out wit friends, parties, watching foty
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biting, alcohol, music, guys, poems, vampires, weed, safety pins, camping, parties, fourwheeling, pills, kinky shit, lighters, rain, handcuffs, glow sticks, making out, kissing, sex, needles, spiders, mind games, temptation, hair dye, piercings, sucking on bottom lips, pulling hair, scratching, screaming, night, stars, moon, pain, shrooms, water beds, water balloons, cementaries, bubble gum, crying, rape, blood,
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Guitar, Music, Snowboarding, Computers, Mountain Bike Riding, Roller Blading, Soccer, Cooking, Parties
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music, movies, parties, friends, family, yeh pretty much everything o
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soccer, tennis, basketball, music, ipod, guitar, violin, beach, new york city, maine, washington dc, books, internet, cell phones, class of 2009, parties
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Family, friends, God, the RCC, parties, dancing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, football, soccor, Euchre, winter, the colour red, the beach, Monty Python, swimming, reading, music, theatre, coffee, chocolate, Italian food
trinnish’s blog! trinnish’s profile! trinnish’s tfriends! Send trinnish's a tmail!
Family, friends, God, the RCC, parties, dancing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, football, soccor, Euchre, winter, the colour red, the beach, Monty Python, swimming, reading, music, theatre, coffee, chocolate, Italian food
HaleyxEx’s blog! HaleyxEx’s profile! HaleyxEx’s tfriends! Send HaleyxEx's a tmail!
Rap, Jon, Mike, Josh, Music, Sleepovers, Parties, Partying, Body Spray, Buffy, Angel, Computers, Shimmery Lip Gloss, Boys, Best Buy, PSP8, DeviantArt, Writing, Photomanipulation, Drawing, Sleeping, Dreaming, Imagining, Unicorns
innay’s blog! innay’s profile! innay’s tfriends! Send innay's a tmail!
kayaking, rockclimbing, reading, musicchomping foodshoppingchattingany forms, parties, plays
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my friends, boys, music, running, dancing, parties
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chocolate chip cookies, music, taking back sunday, fall out boy, switchfoot, offspring, new found glory, mest, green day, snow potral, Franz Ferdinand, breaking benjamin, three days grace, all american rejects, story of the year, brand new, modest mouse, blink182, movies GOTHIKA, watching tv, the simpson, mad tv, mtv, fuse, talking online with my friends, blogging, shopping, soccer, basketball, football, lacross, being a spaz, being annoying, ice cream, hott guys, the beach, roller coasters, theme parks, parties, my friends, camping, traveling, road trips, going to skate comps, watching people fall on their faces, laughing, swimming, taking pictures, proving people wrong, doing things people thought i would never do, taking dares, randomly going cray at any moment in time, talking, eating candy, chocolate, animal crackers, pointing stupid things out such as this so there f
wickedeyes’s blog! wickedeyes’s profile! wickedeyes’s tfriends! Send wickedeyes's a tmail!
beach, parties, dancing, reading, poetry, running, swimming, fun
mardigraslady’s blog! mardigraslady’s profile! mardigraslady’s tfriends! Send mardigraslady's a tmail!
Mobile Mardi Gras, Mobile History, Music, Costumes, Parties, Politics, Culture, Fun, Fun, Fun
laurenkitten’s blog! laurenkitten’s profile! laurenkitten’s tfriends! Send laurenkitten's a tmail!
Writing, music, travel, comedy, cello, bass guitar, phone, poetry, clothes, jewelry, lots of color, peace, Hello Kitty, playing in orchestra, classical music, rock music, dance music, video games, video game music, computer games, The Sims, psychology, astrology, skin care, hair care, nail care, shopping, movies, TV, friends, Friends the TV show, the mall, going places with friends, parties, holidays, weekends, summer, animals, kitties, building and furnishing houses on The Sims, creating perfect families on the Sims me, reading, daydreaming, thinking, performing music
Blckndstars’s blog! Blckndstars’s profile! Blckndstars’s tfriends! Send Blckndstars's a tmail!
THE BEACH its a florida thing, dancing, punk, hanging out with friends, the globe, ska, downtown, music, guitar, computers, shopping, emo, movies, studded belts, stars, night time, tinker bell, food, church, parties, hockey, hallway 4
fooledgirl’s blog! fooledgirl’s profile! fooledgirl’s tfriends! Send fooledgirl's a tmail!
internet, web design, fun, parties, guys, friends, sport, rock climbing, soccer
klara’s blog! klara’s profile! klara’s tfriends! Send klara's a tmail!
internet, talking, msn, tennis, soccer, fun, parties, beach, walking, sports, gym, rock climbing, friends, discos
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laughter, fairies, movies, parties, on line games, and MEN
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chocolate chip cookies, music, taking back sunday, fall out boy, switchfoot, offspring, new found glory, mest, green day, snow potral, Franz Ferdinand, breaking benjamin, three days grace, all american rejects, story of the year, brand new, modest mouse, blink182, yeah yeah yeahs, the vines, jet, starting line, relient k, sugarcult, incubus, bowling for soup, evanescence, the strokes, sum 41, beastie boys, lostprophets, movies GOTHIKA, breakfast club, 16 candles, footlose, tv, the simpson, mad tv, mtv, fuse, talking online with my friends, blogging, shopping, soccer, basketball, football, lacross, being a spaz, being annoying, ice cream, hott guys, the beach, roller coasters, theme parks, parties, my friends, camping, traveling, road trips, going to skate comps, watching people fall on their faces, laughing, swimming, taking pictures, proving people wrong, doing things people thought i would never do, taking dares, randomly going crazy at any moment in time, talking, eating candy, chocolate, animal crackers, pointing stupid things out such as this so there f
gurligurl’s blog! gurligurl’s profile! gurligurl’s tfriends! Send gurligurl's a tmail!
makeup, fashion, parties, clubs, the hardtoget boys really hottttt, dancing, modeling, reading magazines
blahmizukori’s blog! blahmizukori’s profile! blahmizukori’s tfriends! Send blahmizukori's a tmail!
ORLANDO BLOOM, music, snowboarding, shopping, eyeliner, hand purses, graphics design, web design, forums, flipflops, dancing, drawing with pastels and charcoal, fashion, boys, boys, boys, shoes, movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Lord of the Rings series, The Ring, friends, Johnny Depp, Billy Boyd, Domanic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensen, Ethan Zohn, flirting, DIY twinewoven anklets, outrageous nail polish, parties, delicious pirates, fanlistings, cute socks, hair, hair products, hair, Alias, books about teens, the Bloody Jack book series, romance, staying fit OO, colored contacts, PacSun, Wet Seal, Aeropostale, Kohls, FYE, chinese food, vacations, comedies, and Orlando Bloom
Jennelle’s blog! Jennelle’s profile! Jennelle’s tfriends! Send Jennelle's a tmail!
my car, music, dancing, singing, parties, men,
kipdogg’s blog! kipdogg’s profile! kipdogg’s tfriends! Send kipdogg's a tmail!
skiing, snowboarding, rowing, music playing and listening, guitar and piano, food, food again, going out with my m8ts, snakes, rugby, games, parties, films etc
PiNKgoddess’s blog! PiNKgoddess’s profile! PiNKgoddess’s tfriends! Send PiNKgoddess's a tmail!
drawing, painting, shopping, working out, mini golf, The Real World, movies, canoeing, floating, dancing, parties, The OC, pedicures
xxsouL’s blog! xxsouL’s profile! xxsouL’s tfriends! Send xxsouL's a tmail!
music, sports, computers, chatting, going out, parties, cellphones, shopping, clothes, shoes, accesories
Phantomdrummer2’s blog! Phantomdrummer2’s profile! Phantomdrummer2’s tfriends! Send Phantomdrummer2's a tmail!
Family, Friends, Girls, sports, outdoors, parties, life
DiddySecret’s blog! DiddySecret’s profile! DiddySecret’s tfriends! Send DiddySecret's a tmail!
Dancing, Horsebackriding, listen to music, parties, just go out hang out with friends, see movies, go crazzzy and have fun
kinkykatie’s blog! kinkykatie’s profile! kinkykatie’s tfriends! Send kinkykatie's a tmail!
dancing, parties, beach, travel, reading, poetry, waterskiing, running, swimming
LarlFairy’s blog! LarlFairy’s profile! LarlFairy’s tfriends! Send LarlFairy's a tmail!
girls, boys, parties, fun
bitchgoddess’s blog! bitchgoddess’s profile! bitchgoddess’s tfriends! Send bitchgoddess's a tmail!
Billiards, Wall Climbing, Music, Literature, Art, Theater, Parties, Beach, People, Occult, Travel, Long Baths, Restohopping, Style Design, Dancing, Chocolates, Fast Driving, Philosophy, Aromatherapy, Spa, Cars, Bikes, Shoes, Shopping, Shopping Shopping
slim2004’s blog! slim2004’s profile! slim2004’s tfriends! Send slim2004's a tmail!
Sports, Hanging out with friends, Watching Sports, Parties, Friends
MartiniGirl’s blog! MartiniGirl’s profile! MartiniGirl’s tfriends! Send MartiniGirl's a tmail!
talking, having fun, parties, dancing, singing, learning
sexyshoota’s blog! sexyshoota’s profile! sexyshoota’s tfriends! Send sexyshoota's a tmail!
justin, sports, parties
miguel05’s blog! miguel05’s profile! miguel05’s tfriends! Send miguel05's a tmail!
soccer, parties, clubs, chillin wit friends, girlsginas, ummother sports
IL0veSurf3rB0ys’s blog! IL0veSurf3rB0ys’s profile! IL0veSurf3rB0ys’s tfriends! Send IL0veSurf3rB0ys's a tmail!
SURFER BOYS, LOVIN MY FRIEND MATT, Shoppin, Surfin, Snowboardin, WakeBoardin, Skatin, Jet skiing, boatin, Chillen my lake house, Goin To The Beach, Long walks on the beach, clothes wen they come outa the dryer, palm trees, hawaii, australia, north shore, indo, bali, my british accent, nice cars, white picket fences, parties, swimming, drums, rock stars, flirting w the older men giggles, LAS VEGAS BABY, and of course cali I 3 LB, meetin new interestin ppl, BOYS, pacsun, wbz, hot topic, boys w their lip or eye brow pierced, hmm i pretty much like everi thang not reali picky
wildlife’s blog! wildlife’s profile! wildlife’s tfriends! Send wildlife's a tmail!
drugs, parties, techno, music, photography
nofeeling420’s blog! nofeeling420’s profile! nofeeling420’s tfriends! Send nofeeling420's a tmail!
art, sex, drugs, music rap, animals, parties
browneyes990’s blog! browneyes990’s profile! browneyes990’s tfriends! Send browneyes990's a tmail!
softball, field hockey, basketball, movies, mall, parties, friends, boys, running, swimming, music
Sapphire’s blog! Sapphire’s profile! Sapphire’s tfriends! Send Sapphire's a tmail!
dances, parties, shopping, reading, playing piano, swimming, chatting, meeting new ppl, etc
wine’s blog! wine’s profile! wine’s tfriends! Send wine's a tmail!
movies, parties, music, net surfing, swimming, movies, travelling, coffee, singing, shopping
Ari’s blog! Ari’s profile! Ari’s tfriends! Send Ari's a tmail!
Reading, writing, blogging, guitar, music, francais, England, Brittish accents, Brittish boys, Brittish boys with accents, traveling, Snoiwboading, Surfing, skating, Boys, Cali, Massachussets, Florida, Falling in love, Staying in love, Pink, Eyeliner, Fishnet, Chains, Cell Phones, Fuzzy Socks, Warm clothes out of the dryer, Big sweatshirts, Lacrosee, Track, One tree Hill, Jelly Beans, Star Gazing, Meeting new people, Flirting with snowboard instructors, Kissing, Eating TosterStrudles, Talking, AIM, Drama, Rocky horror picture show, Long walks on beaches, Ska, Metal, Tinkerbell, Digital Cameras, Beaches, Amusment parks, Sports world, Friendship, malls, Disneyworld, jacuzzies, birthdays, Sneakers, Running on BEaches with no shoes and sticking my f, Camp, sneakers with no socks, Boys, Local Bands, Concerts, New York City, Inside Jokes, Thrift stores, NJ, dreaming, movies, Hot topic, percings, nerds, 6 flags, glitter, buff guys, Late night phone calls, Ocean, hawaiinow, older boys with cars, cell phones, digi cams, meeting people, lip rings, punk boys, shows, fuddruckers, falling in love, computers, drummers, guitarists, track, health teachers, mme Blair, England, London, Paris, new shoes, new clothes, haircuts, NJ diners, Califoria, Brazil, Hawii, Surfing, snowboarding, sugar, making muffins, funny people, losing weight, excercising, the dive, being a bitch, the hair, the bang, lip gloss, different colour nail polishes, Fashion core, Meterosexuals, homosexuals, BOOBIES, local bands, , girls night out, chocolate, icecream, whipped cream, tulips, yellow roses, white roses, red roses, glue, WD40, whiteout, sharpies, summer, ocean, sunshine, sanibel island, orange, pink, jacuzzies, feet in the hot sand, snow days, fresh baked cookies, Disney, hot chocolate on a cold day, flirting with snowboard instructors, San Fransisco, Broadway, New York, Alex, lemon, plaid, skirts, jeans, caribbean, hot waiters, starbucks, raves, chicks, techno, jewerley, bracelets, tattoos, piercings, getting drunk, ashton, this one i cant make out its either gum or cum, the OC, one tree hill, everwood, candellight dinners, pale skinny guys, muscles, roller coasters, six flags, six pacts, bikinies, stone washed jeans, pins, parties, scrapbooks, myspace, tblog, livejoural, porn grooves, chic flicks, fairytale romances, corney jokes, mrsCarlson, tranquillity, sleepovers, macncheese, accents, being suduced, good kissers, straight teeth, JEWS, pizza delevery boys, cherades, rockstars, black, roadtrips, first snowflakes, being hit onm, thongs, boxers, RHPS, raping the willing, rapping in the middle of fairlawn at 3AM, highlights, sleeping, being in the right place at the right time, fate, destiny, stalkers, foregin languages, sixteen, innocense, camp, gages, montville, lynhurst, wayne, being crazy, fairlawn, tounge piercing, emo boys, swingers, yoga, handwriting, sing alongs, folly, forums, brittish words, funny faces, doing illegeal things, being lazy, drama club, oldies, streaking, midnight strolls, slutting, band whoring, sledding, collard shirts, ska, screamo, indie, emo, the shocker, up your kilt, inside jokes, writing, odd activites, bowling at 2AM, books, secrets, blue eyes, green eyes, skae and surf, warped tour, free stuff, making fun of other people, the mall, oi, aussie, TLE, Victorias secret, leather jackets, favourite songs onthe radio, crushes, weekends, liberating street signs, foregien boys, vacation, day dreaming, stars, nighttime, the future, stargazing, singing, singing in the shower, singing in the shower with the windows open, singing in the shower with the windows open so you, purple ink in pens, lacrosse, volly ball, ricks car, making out, smell before rain, THE COCK, taking bathes, nakedness, hello kitty, beating up cheerleaders, bein sexy, mooning, tinted windows, past loves, french fries, bathroom parties, thrift shirts, thrift stores, 3am, high school, cars, and first kisses ect
orgaso’s blog! orgaso’s profile! orgaso’s tfriends! Send orgaso's a tmail!
becky, friends, flying, hanging out, pictures, bowling, raves, clubs, parties, alcohol, party games, crazy people, graham norton, romantic films, comedies, phone, tv, computer, mcdonalds, guys, girls, bisexuals, open minded people, silver jewellery, sharp objects, online friends, football, liverpool, Micheal Owen, judo, air cadets, air shows, Eastenders, mine and beckys creations, Coronation Street, bounce baby, Ben Affleck, writing, reading, air hockey, ice skating, Birthdays, Christmas, chocolate, sweets, chips, pizza, ice buns, Mr Owen, hot guys, more hot guys, naked guys, more naked guys, nice people, sweet people, Florida, Jamaica, iom people, travelling, camping, fudgey, family, all friends, ummm videos, popcorn, food fights, fun sports, paintballing, porn, lesbians, Jordan, Jodie, girls and boys show, size FF, blogging, website building, laughing at stupid people, pop, rock, rb, hip hop, heavy metal, dance, facepic, faceparty, hotornot, jackass, dream team, hot tubs, water fights, foam, whipped cream, sex toys, dildos, vibrators, more sex toys, masturbation, more masturbation, wild masturbation, yoga, school pe, fitness, gym, swimming, bikini shopping, clothes shopping, more shopping, money, more shopping with lots of money, the sims, poetry, depressing poetry, happy faces, graphics table you guys rule, diet coke, cocatail sausages, more incy wincy, more sally and suzzi, ice cream, crime stories, flight aviation and navigation, talking, listning, cookie jar, shoes, very very short skirts, lingere wohooo, stripey socks, nice presents, jeans, spray paint, graffiti, cheese, new people, cybering, phone sex, vibrations, the school minibus, webcams, more porn, photo albums, more parties and raves and clubs, more alcohol, riding in cars with guys, beach houses, bahamas, scuba diving, jet skiing, water skiing, the 1 o clock news, rulers, the number 8, england football team, world cup, capital of culture, sketchers, french connection, pool parties, volleyball, self defence, dancing, more dancing, rave dancing, mine and beckys dancing, dirrrrrrttyy dancing, grease lightning, you, you, you, you, and you, mwah, hugglez, smoochie smoochie
mishfish016’s blog! mishfish016’s profile! mishfish016’s tfriends! Send mishfish016's a tmail!
movies, the beach, ice cream, sunsets, parties, talking on the phone, aim, shopping, american eagle, music, Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, lots and lots of other music, concerts, guys, talking, massachusetts, new york, snow, Jane Austin, smoothies, and lots of other stuff
Lye’s blog! Lye’s profile! Lye’s tfriends! Send Lye's a tmail!
parties, dogs, boxers, horses, animals, cars, music, daning, movies, and more later
Betty’s blog! Betty’s profile! Betty’s tfriends! Send Betty's a tmail!
I loveacting, alcohol, alice in wonderland, american beauty, art, audrey hepburn, beauty, beer, betty paige, billy holiday, bjork, black and white photographs, black eyeliner, blondie, blowing smoke rings, bmxing, boys, bright red lipstick, bubble gum, candles, cat eye glasses, cats, chain smoking, chanel no 5, chapstick, cherry coke, chinese food, chocolate, chucks, ciggys, clean sheets, clouds, cocktails, coffee, coffeeshops, collarbones, corsets, cursive, dancing, daydreaming, dead flowers, dirty dancing, disneyland, dusk, etta james, eyes, fast cars, films, fires, fucking, full frontal snogging, gas stations, go go boots, gratuitous nudity, grocery stores, hollywood, horror movies, i dream of jeannie, ice cream, imagination, independance, indie music, jack off jill, jean skirts, johnny depp, kisses, knives, le tigre, lighters, lip gloss, lips, lipstick, lube, lucille ball, lucky jeans, makeup, making my own clothestshirts, marylin monroe, massages, meeting new people, mixtapes, movies, music, nail polish, nerds, night, nightmare before christmas, painting, paintings, paris, parties, penis piercings, photography, pink glitter nail polish, poetry, polka dots, psychobilly, pubs, punk, rain, record stores, reggae, ska, san diego, sarcasm, sex, silent films, sixteen candles, sleep, sluts, snail mail, snow, social distortion, socks, stephen king, stilletos, stripes, sublime, sucker love, suitcases, surfing, taking pictures, the airport, the beach, the breakfast club, the clash, the color pink, the distillers, the moon, the smiths, thrift stores, tim burton, underwear, vintage jewlery, vintage lingerie, vintage shops, whores, wine, writing, writing poetrysongs, yoga, your body, 9827, 9829
smiles42486’s blog! smiles42486’s profile! smiles42486’s tfriends! Send smiles42486's a tmail!
Friends, music, parties, movies, shopping, driving, poetry, writing, spongebob
pisike’s blog! pisike’s profile! pisike’s tfriends! Send pisike's a tmail!
gym, swimming, feild hockey, parties, friends, living life ot the max, being me
Jasmine’s blog! Jasmine’s profile! Jasmine’s tfriends! Send Jasmine's a tmail!
web design, having fun, parties, going out, boys, drawing arts, cats, fashion, music, makeup
perfectdrug’s blog! perfectdrug’s profile! perfectdrug’s tfriends! Send perfectdrug's a tmail!
nine inch nails, the doors, the eagles, led zeppelin, type o negative, ac dc, pink floyd, jimi hendrix, him, camp kill yourself, mindless self indulgence, trent reznor, frank zappa, jimmy page, jim morrison, incense, candles, bam margera, ville valo, cky videos, friends, fun, parties, shows, candy, coffee, tea, bracelets, shrooms, marijuana, alcohol, video games, drawing, taking pictures, singing, hello kitty, spongebob squarepants, alice in chains, pearl jam, stone temple pilots, sound garden, chris cornell, sully erna, godsmack, korn, incubus, marilyn manson, spiderman, transformers, dragonball z, paintball, havoc, anarchy, chaos, riots, fire, adult swim, thundercats, heman, beavis and butthead, the lost boys, goodfellas, the crow, american history x, cars


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