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>Snakes & Ladders
>when guns save lives...
>back to the 80s: int...
>The Great One
>Broke a promise
>I wonder....
>4-20-14 it's ab...
>Easter 2014
>Happy Easter
>was it really the be...
>BBC Executive Greed
>aston martin vantage...
>Love And Hate
>Don't be dense.
>the truth in the bib...
>zentai,the favorite ...
>something to ponder....
>serba tak kena
>living in actual tex...
>stop speculating alr...
>about freedom & ...
>Some random photos
>is that ok to wear z...
>Slow Down
>Are we Human's?
>dari tblog ke blogsp...
>new year 2013/14 - n...
>accentuate home with...
>Roadside Black Bear
>women's fleece ...
>iphone control solar...
>Alien's Chicken
>euforia diet...
>comet is coming
>New Blog Post
>barnabus, spammer an...
>devious maids season...

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emini S&P trading, day trading, red sox, baseball, patriots, football, exotic cars, trucks, (kenworth, peterbilt), economics, business, 80`s metal music, guitar, weight training, and resistance training, anime, tokidoki, and, chibi, art.
charlotte8981’s blog! charlotte8981’s profile! charlotte8981’s tfriends! Send charlotte8981's a tmail!
Having mental conversation with Sylvia Plath, enjoying a solitary sport writing, running every dawn to breathe in balance, and, finally, I love studying everything in life
SHUTupANDkissME’s blog! SHUTupANDkissME’s profile! SHUTupANDkissME’s tfriends! Send SHUTupANDkissME's a tmail!
Guyz, singin, writing songs, talking on the phone, Guyz, chilin with my friends katie andrea janel michelle, Guyz, shoppin or hangin at the mall, goin to the movies, makin out ohh oops, did i just type that oh well LOL, and, of course more Guyz, its an obsession i cant control, but then again what girl can
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reading, horses, building tree houses and mini houses, swim team, reading, kings Of Chaos, and, reading
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my interestahm, i like persons who are just like mean old in physi, but a kid at heart, simple, funny, and, have a sense of humorthats alli thank you
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fishing, camping, cooking gourmet foods, and, wellyou know
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hmmmm, Mardy, Mardy, and, more, Mardy


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