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Nascar, Horseback riding, Volleyball, Softball, Football, Snowboarding, Rodeo, Camping, Hiking, 4wheeling, Dirtbiking, Paintballing, Bridge jumping, Mud bogging, Mud wrestling, Swimming, Boating, Trucks, Shooting, Rock crawling, Repelling and Rock climbing, Playing on the computer, Talking on the phone, Amusement and water parks, Traveling, Parties and dancing, Colors are pink and black, Pretty much any kinda music, I love animals, Dogs and horses are my favorite
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Music, Gwen Stefani, Constantine Maroulis, Aerosmith, Celine Dion, Movies, Star Wars, Animals, Cartoons, Happy Bunny stuff, Oopsy Daisy stuff, Wrist Bands, Fishing, Camping, Boating, Swimming, Amusement parks, Arcades, Bowling, Stonecrest Mall, WWE, Spencers, Hot topic, Unicorns, Dragons, Trolls, Pegasus, Asian Men, incense, candles, herbs, Motorcycles, Hamsters, Cartoons Dolls, Anime, Manga, Pray for the soul of betty, Los Lonely Boys, Sanrio, SanX, Appleseed DVD, Video games, Sega Gamegear, Any old game players, Nintendo, All the Gameboy players, Pirates, Johnny Depp, Billy Zane, Simon Cowell, American Idol, Collects stuff of Brandon Lee crow, Simpsons, Nightmare before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and anything Constantine Maroulis, I also Collect DragonsI have a lot more interest a
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Love Sailing, boating, snow skiing and visiting other nations Meeting in, sexy and serious discussions
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boating, clouds, drinking, dancing, lakes, beaches
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computers, gameing, boating, scubadiving, movies, dinner shows,
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Florida Keys, Nature, Fishing, Boating, Diving, Environment, Kayak Fishing, Kayaking,
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Outside, camping, the Great Lakes, boating, music, my friends, your friends, my family, my kids, your kids
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Astronomy, running, guitar, piano, computers, piloting small aircraft, boating, hiking, camping, history
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Chattingwhich I would LOVE to stop Reading, stock car races, outdoors such as camping, boating, fishingand I also LOVE to travel
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camping, PSP, Incredimail, fishing, boating, hikes
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Boating, motorcycles, dogs and horses Fishing and hunting, internet
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Boating, Fishing, going to the beach, camping, computers, my dogs
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I love Bon Jovi, camping, boating, skiing and just plain having fun with my friends
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Interests for fun I am a NYC via, boating, RVing, and traveling Avid photographer, and see beauty in most everything Oh, I enjoy good food, cooking and eating especially exotic and esoteric, and the Orient, my Harley, photography, boating, computer art, antiquing and just hanging out with my partner If, West Wing, philosophy, world religions, motivational If I read fiction it is usually scifi, because I see the future in it Last thing I read w, and Rumi


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